Monday, December 30, 2013

Stars and Strips

I had made a red, white and blue quilt earlier this year with the intention of donating it to QOV.  Then it occurred to me I should give it directly to a someone currently servicing.  So that began my goal to make each of my DS#1 friends a quilt.

Shine which I made back in March did not thrill me.  I didn't really like the pattern and my sewing was so off and I made the smaller version not knowing it final destination.  So I had the Ohio Stars done from 2 years ago.  I had started making the mystery quilt that Bonnie Hunter does each November but just didn't have the time nor inclination to finish it.  But I did finish those Ohio Stars and then they sat.  I wasn't sure what to do with them but knew I needed to use them.  They were alot of them, 54 total. So I went in search of inspiration.  Bonnie has a lot of free patterns and found the one I wanted in Ohio Stars and Rails.

I already had the stars done, I pulled all my 2.5" strips that were already cut and the only thing I need to get was the white strips.  I had the quilt done over a weekend of sewing in November.

I used fabric I had in my stash for the back including the left over stars.  I quilted just a meandering again on this one and it went very quickly.  I had it done in one movie on TV and then I pulled the basting stitches which went pretty quickly.  I put a red scrappy binding on it.

I am so happy I finished another quilt off my Q4 Goals!  I will be linking up with She Can Quilt. That gives me 3 out of 5 done!  I am pretty happy with that.

Also linking up to NTT at My Quilt Infatuation and Finish it up Friday at Crazy Mom Quilts.

Happy Sewing.

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Graduation Dance

I finished it.  This quilt is from Quiltville and the pattern is Dancing 9-Patch.  This was an attempt to use up the 2.5" squares that I have.  It didn't work.  This however will be a gift for a friend of my oldest son for their college graduation.  He has three friends and two of them are from grade school.

I have scraps and thought well this would be fun and they won't expect it all.

Here is Aaron's.  His favorite color is blue so I am pretty sure he will like it.

I made the majority of the 9 patches as lender and enders while doing Tula Pink City Sampler blocks.  They were like bonus blocks!

I then had the quilt basted by a longarmer.  It was nice to not have to pin it but then I did have to pull the threads.  Time wise it was probably about the same amount of time.  Considering that I hate basting ripping out the basting stitches could be done while watching television.  I think that was a win situation.

 The only fabric I bought was the back.  I found it while shop hopping in November on a clearance rack.  It a map of New York City.  I loved it!  Plus the price was right!

The quilting was just a large meandering in medium grey Aurfil thread.  It went fast and had it quilted up in one night.

I still need practice in keeping my stitches even some get too large and others too small.  I have to say it is fun to go through and see all the fabric from lots of different quilts over the years.

I even put a label on this one and named it.  I don't really do names but this one is "Graduation Dance" and is about 72" x 86".   Aaron will get his degree in Radiology so I am sure he will be happy to be done.

This quilt was part of Q4 Goals so I will link up with She Can Quilt when the time comes.  I am so happy to finish this before the end of the year!

Now to get one more done before the end of the year!

2014 Quilt goals

This is the stack of fabric I bought throughout last year and this year will not be a repeat.  I have actually told myself I haven't bought much.  I did get it organized and put away today!  

It's a good thing then that I am going on a fabric diet for 2014.  I just needed to make a list for what I would like to finish or make with my stash, which I had done a couple of weeks ago.  So here it goes and they are not in any particular order.  I know the 4 WIP's need to get done but the scrap quilts could change.  Goal is to make 4 scrap quilts from cut fabric.  I am sure I will change my mind and add or delete things as necessary - this is a long list so it will be fun to see where I get on it through the year.

Current WIPs that did not get done this year:

1.  X and + quilt 20 blocks done
2.  Tula Pink Summer 45 blocks done
3.  Moda Friendship Sampler all 30 blocks done
4.  Badger Graduation gift-cut

Scrap quilts- random fabric already cut into various sizes

1.  Low volume string quilt
2.  Spider web 
3.  Scrappy Majestic Mountains - batiks
4.  Another scrap quit - 
5.  A solids quilt - sam's bed

Other quilts I just love and want to make:

1.  Swoon- have pattern not completely sure on fabric yet
2.  Churn dash
3.  Round and round by thimble blossom
4.  Tone it down quilt along
5.  Moda Club Quilt

This doesn't include quilts I want to make from books I have gotten either.  So I have plenty to keep me busy!  

I had to clear off the cutting board today and most of the fabric on it I had bought over the last year.  There was a lot!  Now I need to use it up!  It will take me longer than a year to finish everything on this list. Wish me luck!

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Sunny Clementine

I know a little crazy 3 posts in one day.  I was behind on getting pictures done.  It is dark too early and I was just not getting those things done on the weekend.  Everyone was home and since we were outside shoveling the 8.5 inches of snow twice.  I had help from the hubby and I thought they looked pretty with the new snow.  

This quilt was part of the MMQG challenge.  It was at the LGS for the voting portion and no I didn't win but it was fun to enter and figure out what to do.  I am gifting this quilt along with a pillow for a Christmas - birthday gift for my best friend.  We have been friends for over 30 years and she has never gotten a quilt from me.  Her boys have and I have made other gifts but not a quilt so it's time.  Her favorite color is orange.

I quilted it on the diagonal and just followed the grid.  This color looks so much brighter than it really is.  This should look great in her 3 season room with very earthy colors.  I blogged about here and here. Here's the pillow I made as well, it was the tutorial from In Color Order.

I had also made a pillow for myself with the Boo Crew. I had wanted to try a Granny Square so I did!  It turned out very cute.

I don't think you will see another finish post today! Enjoy your Sunday and hope you are finding some time to sew!

A Finish

Yeah it is finally done, my Moda Club 2010-11 project, that one sure has taken me awhile.  This quilt should have been bigger but I knew after starting it I wasn't going to do all of the blocks.  I had five blocks done during club year and then one of them stumped me.

The pattern was not always clear and there were lots of small parts.  So in March of this year I took out the one block to finish that - nope that did not get it done. It wasn't until our weekend at my mom's quilting that I finished the top.  I wasn't going home until that was done!  So I finished the top and prepared the back.  I just didn't bring enough batting or it probably would have been done that weekend.

I had this on a Lovely Year of Finishes several times and it has been on my Finish Along Q4 list and it was on Q2 list.  I guess I left it off Q3 knowing I wasn't going to get it done?!

Well I am happy to say  it is complete!  I finished the quilting this month with one of my new favorites the FM flower.  I love doing that one and I find it easy to do.

This one finishes up at 46" x 66".
Started September 2010
Finished December 2013

Now I have two more quilts basted and ready to quilt up in hopes of finishing those before the end of the year!

Linking up at She Can Quilt for the Finish Along.

Linking up in the final hours for Whoo Whoo It's Finished!  and that is how I felt about this one for sure.

Making Christmas Week 11

So I did not get everything I wanted done but it was fun to see what I could get done.  My last finish was not even on my list and I have one more to make but have until New Year's Eve now.  Thank goodness.

I made the infinity scrap from the Fat Quarter Gang.  A couple of girls at the quilt shop had them and thought they would make great gifts for my son's girlfriends.  I did the youngest ones first.  He requested grey and coral.  I bought a few pieces and then filled in with stash fabric.  I had gotten some Botanic and Indian Summer.  Then used other black/grey/white prints.  I thought it turned out cute.  It seems like a lot of fabric and you will probably need to iron. it.  I told him the return policy is give it back and then you guys go pick one out together.  I would not want this pretty fabric wasted! I don't think that will happen.

The older one needs to pick out the fabric and I will make one more.  They were really fast to make.  It took about 30 minutes to sew.  Picking the fabric is what took a little bit.

Here is the Christmas list updated.

1.  5 Thread catchers- pin cushion thingys.  (that is the technical term) November 13th -DONE!                  2.  Apron- chocolate theme - gift for my friend that we make chocolates together each year- Finally found the fabric but we are done with our chocolate making so next year.
3.  3 sets of pot holders, towels and now coasters - gifts for co-workers. DONE!
4.  Knitted cowl - bought the yarn last year and want to wear this now!  (I haven't started) bought the circular needles.  Needed help on the pattern but now not sure where I put it!
5.  Paper pieced pillow for SIL Xmas gift - No progress
6.  Xmas Table runner - gift for my son to give - DONE!
7.  Christmas candies/chocolates - gifts to variety of people including teachers- DONE!
8.  2 Infinity Scarfs- 1 DONE!

Friday, December 20, 2013

Fabric Destash 2014

I have not been able to stop thinking about this topic since I read it over on Knotty Gnome first, that led me to Making Rebecca Lynne and then over to Tickle and Hide who did a Fabric No Buy in 2013 and lived to tell about it. That was fun to read.

I am not sure why I needed to mull this over.  I have lots of fabric!  I have been sewing for 22 years and there were many years that I was planning and buying but not sewing much.  So I have been making several scrap quilts a year, but really that was happening so I could buy new pretty fabric!  Well, you guessed it, some of that new pretty fabric is now sitting because I can't sew fast enough!

I had already figured out a list of quilts to make for next year so that's it - it's official I am in!  Now I am a really nervous about this because it is like that diet you are going to start and then you eat even more!  So I will have a couple of exceptions with in the exceptions, but I reminded myself there are no police in quilting and if I sew more and spend less then it will be a successful 2014!

So here are the rules from Rebecca Lynne's site

- To use the Stash I already have!
- Finish UFOs without distraction by shifting to other new beautiful fabric.
- Stop the insanity of constantly buying the latest and greatest fabric. 
- Save the $$ I spend on stashing.
- Destash the fabrics that I realize I am never going to use.

1) No fabric purchases for 6 months beginning January 1, 2014.   Exception is my trip to Paducah in April!
2) At 6 months reevaluate status and decide whether to keep going for full year.  Evaluation July 1, 2014.
3) Create a UFO list and complete them!
4) Exceptions
  • Backing: purchasing a backing to finish a quilt top is permissible.  However, attempting to use fabric in your possession for a backing is preferable.  Good with that!
  • Books and Magazine purchases are allowed as they are not fabric.  Notions acceptable too.  Ok here too!  I don't buy many books and no magazine subscriptions this next year.  
  • Swap Mama Fabric: if hosting a swap you are permitted to by fabric to execute swap duties, but you may not join a swap simply for the sake of being able to buy fabric!  This one might be a little harder - I like those flickr swaps!
  • Quilts for Publication: if you are making a quilt for a publication and need certain fabric to execute it correctly then that is a major exception - who can blame you?  I don't really do this but I do have quilts to make as graduation gifts so if something is needed then I will get that to finish quilt.  Along with that is backgrounds.  I have a few on my list that may need a background.  But I must be working on it to buy it.  Not for something for in the future.

So I think I can live with these rules.  I can tell you that this past year I made a point of using my stash and finished 19 projects and 12 of them quilts and 9 of those quilts were scrap quilts.  I used in total about 120 yards of fabric.  I bought fabric for a couple that were gifts and 2 backs.  I also destashed recently at least 10 yards to give to a charity.  Does it look like it? Nope, it does not!  So no reason not do more again in 2014.(since that was my plan anyway!)

I will be posting my list of quilts for 2014 on a separate post.

So who else is doing this?  I am nervous and I really hope my mom buys me the fabric that was on my Christmas list!  Otherwise there could be some fabric shopping after Christmas sales and before January 1.  Wish me luck.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Making Christmas Week 7

I have been sewing but not much blogging going on since I haven't taken pictures.  It is cold here (really cold) and it gets dark so early.  So I think for now I will have indoor photos and soon it will be a little lighter and it will get warmer or at least I hope.

So here is the run down of my Make Christmas list:

1.  5 Thread catchers- pin cushion thingys.  (that is the technical term) November 13th -DONE!                  2.  Apron- chocolate theme - gift for my friend that we make chocolates together each year- Finally found the fabric but we are done with our chocolate making so next year.
3.  3 sets of pot holders, towels and now coasters - gifts for co-workers. DONE!
4.  Knitted cowl - bought the yarn last year and want to wear this now!  (I haven't started) bought the circular needles.  Needed help on the pattern but now not sure where I put it!
5.  Paper pieced pillow for SIL Xmas gift - No progress
6.  Xmas Table runner - gift for my son to give - DONE!
7.  Christmas candies/chocolates - gifts to variety of people including teachers- DONE!

Not much time left now! I can tell you I'd rather sew than do the list of other things that must get done.

Here are a couple of pictures.  My gifts for my coworkers:

Hopefully, they will like them. Each co worker is getting a towel, pot holder and a set of coasters. I thought they turned out really well.  The coasters were easy and fun to make. The tutorial came from Kelly at My Quilt Infatuation.   I may make one more set for a friend in Badger fabric!  We'll see how my time goes.

Then the table full of some very yummy chocolates.  We made a couple of new things that I found off Pinterest one was really good - the other won't make it into the gift boxes.  We did drop a couple of them as well.  This was a 9 am to 6 pm work session and I have just some pretzels left to do.  Not sure if I am going to do many cookies this year.  I love Spritz so those but already have gotten some looks from the kids with no to the others. I am sure I will be persuaded.  I found some Red Velvet cookies that look pretty festive too!  

Yes chocolate making and wine go together by the end of the day!  It tasted delicious with a little dark chocolate!

The rest of my list that I want to finish by the end of the year!
  • Moda 2010 Quilt- Top Done and Quilt just need the binding
  • X and + Quilt - more scraps cut for additional blocks-no progress
  • Ohio Star - Top done and basted - just need to quilt
  • Moda Friendship Quilt - blocks done, background bought, and layout kinda figured out
  • Dancing 9 Quilt-blocks - Top done and basted - just need to quilt
I had both of those quilts basted by a member of the MMQG.  I have not done that before so that should be interesting to see how that works out, hopefully well.  It did say my knees since I pin them on my basement floor!

Link up is over at Charm About You.  Seems to me lots of people are getting things done!  I am hoping a few more finishes this week!  Also linking up for NTT at Quilt Infatuation, and then Crazy Mom Quilts.

Monday, November 18, 2013

Making Christmas Week 6

I have a finish off my Christmas list.  As I prep for my quilting weekend I have been wanting to finish things up instead of packing them or moving them around.  So I made a quilted table runner for a gift for my Son #1 to give to his girlfriends family.  I bought this fabric awhile ago with them in mind so it was just sitting down and getting it done. The rest of the fabric came out of my stash.

 I know this is easy but I am a pattern person so this came from a pattern from LQS a couple of years ago.  I love how you can use a focal fabric.  This fabric is perfect for them.  I am sure they will love it.  My Son was thrilled I offered too.  I quilted just lines with a red Aurfil.
So happy I have made some progress on my list. I have made more progress this past weekend and just need to get some photos to update where I am at.  I have a few tops now to get basted and quilted!

Updated List
1.  5 Thread catchers- pin cushion thingys.  (that is the technical term) November 13th -DONE!                  2.  Apron- chocolate theme - gift for my friend that we make chocolates together each year- no progress.
3.  3 sets of pot holders, towels and now coasters - gifts for co-workers. 2 out of three towels done, coasters done and pot holders 1 done and 2 to go.  
4.  Knitted cowl - bought the yarn last year and want to wear this now!  (I haven't started) bought the circular needles.  Need a little help on the pattern.
5.  Paper pieced pillow for SIL Xmas gift - No progress
6.  Xmas Table runner - gift for my son to give - DONE!
7.  Christmas candies/chocolates - gifts to variety of people including teachers- chocolate bought and date set for 11/30!

The rest of my list that I want to finish by the end of the year!

  • Moda 2010 Quilt- Top Done
  • X and + Quilt - more scraps cut for additional blocks
  • Ohio Star - Top done
  • Moda Friendship Quilt - blocks done, background bought, and layout kinda figured out
  • Dancing 9 Quilt-blocks - Top Done.
Link up is over at Celtic Thistle Stitches.  Seems to me lots of people are getting things done!  I am hoping a few more finishes this week!  Also linking up for Anything Goes Monday!

Friday, November 8, 2013

A small finish

I finished this a couple weeks ago but was busy and sort of forgot about it.  I really wanted to try and take some pictures with the leaves since it reminds me of autumn.  I love those red leaves.  Timing was not working so I was able to leave work early and could snap a couple of photos before it got dark.  
We have mainly yellow leaves in our yard.

But I thought this looked pretty with the bayberry bushes!

I had won the scraps at my Moda Club meeting and they were partially sewn together so I made random blocks and then used the red from the pack we had gotten for the binding and an old beige Moda Marble for the back.  I  free motioned quilted the flower design from Angela Walter's book.  I love the look of that design and thought it would work on here.  There are some florals in the fabric.  Plus it was good practice! Nice small manageable practice piece.   Not sure where it will end up but has been hanging out at the table in our living room.  I may gift it too so we will see.

A closer look at the quilting.

It sure is fun to have a quick cute finish.  

I actually did name this quilt too!  Not something I do often but I named it Autumn Day.

This measures at 24"x30"

Thanks for stopping and enjoy the weekend. 

Linking up with Crazy Mom Quilts, TGIF, and Can I get a Whoo Whoo?  I am sure I will be hopping to see what everyone has been up to later since it was a long week this week!  So happy it is Friday and to have some sew time!  Enjoy!

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Another attempt

So today is the last day to link up for the Lovely Year of finishes, and I am going to put on the list again this month my Moda Sampler quilt from 2010.  Yep, it was on the list last month and really not too much going on with it.

I really want to finish it up.  I have done some work to cut the pieced sashing and organize my fabric so I am ready to go.  My plan is to piece it next weekend on a quilt retreat with a few friends.  I really need this one done!  

I have been working on a few other things as well and mostly getting organized so I can be very productive sewing next weekend but all the way through the end of the year!

I am linking up with NTT Thursday with Kelly and Thursday Threads with Julie!

Here's to getting lots done this month!

Monday, November 4, 2013

Christmas list update

Let's see what I have gotten done on the Christmas list.  I linked up but haven't made much progress until this weekend.  One of six done.  Granted this was 5 of them!

1.  5 Thread catcher - pin cushion thingys. November 13th

  • I finished these!  Yeah!  I used the pattern from Oh Fransson on Sew Mama Sew's blog.  I can tell you that I just don't do well with bag type things. Why did I choose directional prints?  Oh I love it when I buy it but not when I am using it!  When I sew, I like to just sew and not do too much thinking ahead so I just started to sew the first one up (the red spools).  So I cut it, sewed it and then realized I did not cut it right for the direction of the fabric. So I ripped and resewed it so the spools were going in the right direction.  That is why that is smaller and no facing.  It turned out cute.
  • So on to next one's I made the two white ones.  Those turned out better but when I put on the facing I was getting some puckers.   
  • Then on to the last two.  I love that fabric and now I knew it was directional right?  Well I still cut it wrong, so I had to cut again!  Then when I sewed that one up I didn't take into account that one side was fine but the other is upside down!  I was tired so I left it!  No facing on this one since I could not get them to fit just right.  Since there was a front and back whose going to notice!?

So then then last one - ok I will get both sides right.  Well I did get them going in the same direction but now my seams didn't match.  I wasn't trying to since that had lapsed from my brain too!

I lined them up and had my husband look at them all.  Of course I am telling him all of these things and he said, "let's keep this in perspective, they are garbage cans right? They look good all lined up"  How sweet is that guy! I am still not thrilled with them but I will be gifting them and I am sure my friends will use them and like them.  And if they want I will happily give them the pattern and they can make a new one.  Maybe they could redo mine too!  The pin cushion and hanger part turned out great!  There are little pockets in them for small scissors and seam ripper (mine can never be too far from my side).

They took longer than I thought (lots of unsewing) and it is the thought that counts right.  I can tell you I almost scrapped the whole idea but thought that is too much fabric to toss aside. So they are done and ready to go next weekend.

I think this one is my favorite.

So one thing off the list for Christmas.  I plan on doing a few things tonight and I have been organizing the quilts that I want to finish by the end of the year so now I have lots of things ready to go and finish up.

Remaining on the list:  (nothing new added)
2.  Apron- chocolate theme - gift for my friend that we make chocolates together each year

3.  3 sets of pot holders and towels - gifts for co-workers

4.  Knitted cowl - bought the yarn last year and want to wear this now!

5.  Paper pieced pillow for SIL Xmas gift-nothing here at all

6.  Xmas Table runner - gift for my son to give-fabric selected

Linking up at Quilt Matters. Now let's see how others are doing!

Monday, October 28, 2013

Blogger's Festival

It is that time of year where lots of bloggers link up a favorite quilt for Amy at Amy's Creative Side for the Blogger's Festival.  When I first found this link up, I was not blogging at the time and loved seeing what other people were making.  I was in awe!  I wanted to share things I was making too!  I started my blog about a year ago and linked up for the first time at the Spring Festival and it was so much fun.  I certainly was not going to miss out on this one.

Here is the quilt I am entering in the ROYGBIV Quilts. This is a very recent finish so it is making a repeat appearance.

It was seeing all of those beautiful quilts last spring/fall that I had to make a Rainbow Quilt of my own.  This started by doing my first ever swap on Flickr for all the rainbow charms.  Then I was convinced to join the bee of the local Modern Guild.  I was not worried about sewing for others I didn't know how I would choose one block for others to make me.

I found samples of this quilt on line in lots of color combinations and the block is called the Depression Block.  I handed out my blocks got them all back and knew I needed to finish it sooner than later.  I had to make 5 more blocks to make it a little bigger.

I did straight lines on each side of the blocks.

I used Architextures for the binding.  I need to buy more of this - what a great binding! I loved it.

I found the backing last year and of course did not have quite enough but used up the black and white for the rest of it.

This quilt measures 72" x 90".

Thanks for stopping by! 

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

WIP - Check In

Needed to check in and see how I am doing for the month.  Doing some sewing but not as much progress as I would like I think there are too many projects going at once.  This weekend since I have 2 days off of work is time to get a few things done!

From my list for the FAL List here is what I have been working on:

The scrap quilt from Quiltville's Free Patterns, the Dancing 9.  I had gotten 58 of the blocks over half done just by doing them as leader and enders.  Then I had a short amount of time and needed to do some mindless sewing.  Yup all 68 blocks ready for sashing. Now to to pick the sashing. I am not sure anything really goes with all this crazy but thinking I am picking a darker blue from stash. This will most likely a donation quilt and I do always like them better when they are done.

Moda Friendship Blocks - I finished all of them. I did buy the grey to use for sashing.  It is a new Kona color and bought the rest of the bolt on Sunday.  Now to figure out how I am going to lay this one out.

Of course I have a list a mile long and what did I do.  I picked up a pile of scraps that were already sewn into strips that I won at my Moda Quilt Club meeting and made this mini.  Not sure what it will be for but they were lying in a pile on the floor. Yes, I keep things on the floor.  They needed to be put away but didn't have a good spot for them so I made them up!  Now I want to quilt this little one up and have a finish this week.  I am sure someone might like this as a gift at the holidays.

No progress on the goal I set for my October finish or on my list of Christmas gifts. Hoping to finish a few things over the very nice long weekend I am going to enjoy and get ready for my sewing weekend in November.

I am linking up to WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced.

Happy Sewing!

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Making Christmas 2013 List

A linky party that needs a list to be done by Christmas, why yes sign me up for that!  These items are separate from my FAL Q4 goals since most of these are not even started so don't qualify.  This list we can add to it and link up finishes as we go. The goal is to finish up things and get some encouragement from others along the way.

So here is my list:

1.  5 Thread catcher - pin cushion thingys.  (that is the technical term) November 13th
2.  Apron- chocolate theme - gift for my friend that we make chocolates together each year
3.  3 sets of pot holders and towels - gifts for co-workers
4.  Knitted cowl - bought the yarn last year and want to wear this now!  (I haven't started)
5.  Paper pieced pillow for SIL Xmas gift
6.  Xmas Table runner - gift for my son to give
7.  Christmas candies/chocolates - gifts to variety of people including teachers

I really need to stop but as I look at everyone's list I know I will add a couple of great ideas!

So go over to Rainbow Hare and Making Rebecca Lynne to see what others are linking up and the schedule to see what is happening!

Friday, October 11, 2013

A Full Finish Post

I did a quick post last on this quilt at the beginning of the week to get this in for the FAL - Q3 deadline but still needed to take pictures of it in daylight.  This whole getting dark earlier and having to work the daylight hours is always a bummer.  But I did manage to get some taken before the sun was completely gone.

Here it is:

I LOVE IT!  This quilt was my first bee I have done.  I did need my arm twisted to join.  It was not a fear of making other people's blocks but what would I pick for my own.  That is what I stressed over.

My month was March and I knew I wanted to do the rainbow colors since I had done a swap at the end of 2012 on flickr.  My first on line swap as well.  I love that!  All those pretty fabrics and colors and I only had to buy one yard.  That seemed like a great plan!  I then scoured the internet to figure out the perfect block. This block is called the Depression Block.   I was a little worried about all the HST's but everyone did a great job.

Here are some close ups of a couple of my favorite blocks(really there isn't one I don't love)!

There are actually 14 people in our MMQG bee so I had to only had to make six extra since I wanted it bigger.  I still have a stack of charms remaining for another rainbow project!

For the back I used a piece I had bought last year with the quilt in mind but of course didn't have enough so I used up the black and white prints.

Close up of the back print.  

I knew I had wanted to do a black and white and had just bought the one from the Architecture line.  Not necessarily for this project just to have.  Now I wish I would have bought more!

I know a lot of pictures!

Last one!

Quilt finished at 67" x 82"
Really no good name. Hopefully that will come to me.

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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Finish Along - Q4 Goals

Q4 Really!  How does this happen so fast!  I was looking at my list and thought wouldn't it be cool if I finished all the quilts I have started before the end of the year.  Well, I don't think all of them but for sure anything started prior to 2012!  So that is the goal for this Quarter.

1. Moda 2010 Quilt - So this one has really been on the back burner.  Started in September of 2010 and I am doing a smaller version that the pattern called for and still not done.  I did finish the one block that was giving me issues in March and have not looked at it since.  This has a pieced sashing to finish it up.  Thinking it will be too small to be useful.  I need it done! Updated 12/30/13 done!

 2.  X and + Quilt - this one has been on the list just about all year.  I love the blocks and all the finished quilts I have seen.  I thought I only need 10 extra blocks but to get a decent size throw I probably need 30 -  yikes and then going through all those scraps to find enough seems like a big job.  I just have not taken the time to make them.  Sometimes I just really get tired of my own scraps. No progress!

3.  Ohio Stars- These are from a quilt that I am not going to do so now I just have these blocks and need to figure out how I want to finish this up.  I made these in December of 2011.  I pinned something on Pinterst over the weekend I think would look really cool.  Now to see if it will work with what I have.  Updated 12/30/13 done!

4. Moda Friendship Blocks- I started this one this year but my LQS owner tells me no problem to finish this in 2013!  I have 6 blocks to go and then to decide on a layout.  The layout the club is doing is using less blocks and I was not loving it so I did make all the blocks and thought I can do something else with the layout.  I am contemplating on point.  Blocks done and setting picked.

5.  Dancing 9 Quilt- this was my leader and ender project and now I have enough to start the nine patches.  I would love another 2.5 inch scrappy quilt done by the end of the year!  Updated 12/30/13 done!
(Sorry this one is really a bad picture!)

Not included for the Finish Along but will also be working on this quarter:

1.  Tula Pink Sampler-  looking to finish all 100 blocks.  Current count is 46 and none on deck to sew.  No Progress!

2.  5 Thread Catchers with pin cushions- I want to get these done for Mid November for our yearly quilting Cabin retreat.  Done!

3. 3 Sets of towels and pot holders for my handmade gifts to my co-workers.  Done!

The list is a little long but I figure anything I finish will be huge especially when everything gets busy with the holidays.  This gives me a great to do list when I would rather just watch television with the hubs and not sew.

Wish me luck since now I must sew!  Linking up to Q4 Finish Along at She Can Quilt and Lee for WIP Wednesday.