Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Finish Along - Q4 Goals

Q4 Really!  How does this happen so fast!  I was looking at my list and thought wouldn't it be cool if I finished all the quilts I have started before the end of the year.  Well, I don't think all of them but for sure anything started prior to 2012!  So that is the goal for this Quarter.

1. Moda 2010 Quilt - So this one has really been on the back burner.  Started in September of 2010 and I am doing a smaller version that the pattern called for and still not done.  I did finish the one block that was giving me issues in March and have not looked at it since.  This has a pieced sashing to finish it up.  Thinking it will be too small to be useful.  I need it done! Updated 12/30/13 done!

 2.  X and + Quilt - this one has been on the list just about all year.  I love the blocks and all the finished quilts I have seen.  I thought I only need 10 extra blocks but to get a decent size throw I probably need 30 -  yikes and then going through all those scraps to find enough seems like a big job.  I just have not taken the time to make them.  Sometimes I just really get tired of my own scraps. No progress!

3.  Ohio Stars- These are from a quilt that I am not going to do so now I just have these blocks and need to figure out how I want to finish this up.  I made these in December of 2011.  I pinned something on Pinterst over the weekend I think would look really cool.  Now to see if it will work with what I have.  Updated 12/30/13 done!

4. Moda Friendship Blocks- I started this one this year but my LQS owner tells me no problem to finish this in 2013!  I have 6 blocks to go and then to decide on a layout.  The layout the club is doing is using less blocks and I was not loving it so I did make all the blocks and thought I can do something else with the layout.  I am contemplating on point.  Blocks done and setting picked.

5.  Dancing 9 Quilt- this was my leader and ender project and now I have enough to start the nine patches.  I would love another 2.5 inch scrappy quilt done by the end of the year!  Updated 12/30/13 done!
(Sorry this one is really a bad picture!)

Not included for the Finish Along but will also be working on this quarter:

1.  Tula Pink Sampler-  looking to finish all 100 blocks.  Current count is 46 and none on deck to sew.  No Progress!

2.  5 Thread Catchers with pin cushions- I want to get these done for Mid November for our yearly quilting Cabin retreat.  Done!

3. 3 Sets of towels and pot holders for my handmade gifts to my co-workers.  Done!

The list is a little long but I figure anything I finish will be huge especially when everything gets busy with the holidays.  This gives me a great to do list when I would rather just watch television with the hubs and not sew.

Wish me luck since now I must sew!  Linking up to Q4 Finish Along at She Can Quilt and Lee for WIP Wednesday.


  1. Wonderful blocks you've made :-) I love the X and +!!

  2. Love the Moda Friendship sampler. Doing samplers is a lot of fun because I don't tire of one block that is repeated. Like you I usually do some of my own designing and just use the store blocks as a start.

  3. Wow. Both lots of your Moda blocks are spectacular. The friendship blocks in particular are coming together beautifully.