Thursday, July 25, 2013

Day off - Lots of quilting

I had a really nice day off.  Not perfect but relaxing and I did get some quality sewing time in.  I started last night and did the one block from Moda Club I missed for last month.

I love the navy and dark pink.  I had been thinking about pairing those two up for awhile now so I am glad I did this one.  Here are the blocks I have done so far:

I am going to work on getting more navy in the rest of the blocks since that was my intent navy, grey and fun prints I liked.  I think it will work and I love how bright they are.

My main objective today was to work on the Wedding Quilt.  That part not so good.  I had laid out all three layers on Wednesday night so then I would spray baste it in the morning when no one was hope.  Love days with no one but me and the sewing machine home!  Well, that did not work.  The spray was not working. Don't know why.  I tried twice and nope it was not sticking.  I actually got in my car to go get some 505 from the quilt store but then that would be an hour and I could be done pin basting it.  I had used the Dritz spray baste.  Yup that can went in the garbage. It has an odor and now it didn't work.  So I pinned it!  Basting is my least favorite part so to have to do it twice - not so happy.

I did get the heart quilted and the parts dividing it up.  I was happy with my progress.  I think the fill in parts will go faster.  I am still debating should each section be different or the same?  Not sure.  My hubby says the same since he likes more traditional balanced look.  This quilt ideas was from Don't Call me Betsy and she used wavy lines.  Hers was a wall hanging.

I like it so far.  So what do think all the same or different motifs.  I was thinking spirals, may be some free motion hearts.  I'll take some options.  There won't be a Friday finish since we leave for the weekend tomorrow afternoon and I have to figure out how to get a new phone for work.  Yup it died today.  Pain but hopefully I can get it replaced quick.

Wow that was a long post!  Thanks for hanging in there.

I am also linking up for 627 Handworks Thursdays Threads.  Just found her blog via Plum and June and lots of good things to check out over there.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Some sewing time

I was actually really happy that the weather was rainy on Sunday.  I didn't feel the least bit guilty as I headed to my sewing room in the basement. I had a few hours where I could get a few things done.

I had two quilty meetings this week.  Monday night I had my Moda Club meeting at the LQS and I had not made any of my blocks for the month.  I managed to get two out of the three completed.

I received three more Monday so that makes 6 blocks to make this month.  I really want to get caught up.  We'll see how that goes and what gets done or what draws me in first

I also had the MMQG meeting Tuesday night and I had volunteered to quilt our charity quilt about 2 months ago and I just needed to get it done so I quilted it and then sewed on the binding, threw it the wash. Ready!  I took one photo to put it out on our Flickr site.  I just did loops in each row.

On my to do list this week is to finish my Wedding Heart Quilt.
 I worked on the back last week and it is now ready to be basted.

So my plan is to baste the quilt tonight and take the day off of work to start the quilting.  Hoping my plan works!  I would love a finish for Friday!

To Do list:
1.  Plan and make 15 Tula Pink Blocks
2.  Cut out 10 blocks for the x and + quilt
3.  Just joined an Fussy Square Cut Block over on Flickr.  They are so cute!  I think there is one spot left go check it out!

Hope you all have a great week of sewing.

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Friday, July 12, 2013

Finish Along Goals for Q-3

I really can't believe I am thinking Q-3 goals.  It doesn't seem possible that half the year is over and since summer is short here in Wisconsin that will be over before you know it as well.

Last quarter not as much got done as I would have liked but I figure if I didn't have them on my list I don't think I would have pushed to finish what I did. Linking up for the Finish Along over at She Can Quilt

1.  String Heart-Wedding gift - Updated - Finished

This was on here last month but I did get the top done and recently just finished piecing the back with free piecing the date of the wedding.  I love that!  The wedding is in August so this is a must do and would prefer to have it done in July.

2.  Bee Blocks from the MMQG  Update made 1 more block

I think I need one or two more blocks then I need to sew together.  I would love to finish this one!

3.  X and Plus Scrap Quilt- No Progress

I need at least 10 more blocks.  This one always gets pushed aside but I would really like it done.

4.Tula Pinks City Sampler   Update-Progress but not done- No t-shirt

Started this last quarter and thought I could keep up but nope behind and at my local quilt shop if I have them done by sometime in September there is a pin and a t-shirt in it.  That is my motivation and they are really fun to work on and sew!

I am stopping here. I know I will get number one done but I also have a quilt challenge to do by October 1 and I haven't even started that yet. No pattern and I haven't bought the challenge fabric yet.  I have pinned lots of inspiration!

 I need to get busy sewing! 

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

A Finish for Q2

I am getting in just under the wire with this one.  I only have finished two quilts for Q2.  I had a long list that I was not too hopeful on getting them all done but I figure if I didn't have them on there I may not have found the knock it off the list mentality.  I am happy on what I did get done.

Easy Street was number 2 on my list.  How appropriate I finished number 1 and number 2 on my list!

I took a few pictures this morning of it completely done.  I finished up the binding on Sunday night.  I really wanted to scope out a cool place to take some photos with my DS#2 (he is a photo bug) but our schedules the last two nights just didn't mesh.  So here is what I did get.

 The front early this morning

The back 

 Close up of the long arm quilting

Here is a close up of the block.

Close up of the quilting.  I had this done at my LQS on the longarm.  Well worth it since I swear this quilt weighs about 10 lbs.

Quilt Stats:

Name:  Green Demon (my husband named it that since it was taking up time especially during the month of December
Pattern: Quiltville Mystery Quilt from November 2012
Started: November 2012 and Finished June 2013
Size:  101 x 101

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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Fresh Sewing Day

Nothing like the end of the month to sit back and see what I did and not finish in the month of June.  It really was busy with traveling for work and lots of yard work but somehow I did manage to get a few things done this month.  That was nice to see since I feel like I have only been running around.

My sewing time helps me keep sane when life gets crazy.  I am able to relax and forget about that pesky thing called work.

1.  Easy Street - this will be a finish for July since I put the binding on Sunday night but no pictures yet.
2.  Tula Pink City Sampler blocks.  I was ahead for awhile but have a few to catch up on.
3. Block 8- this one is my favorite so far
4.  Heart quilt for a wedding gift in August-finished the top
5.  Tula Pink Block
6. Tula Pink Block
7.  Bee Block for MMQG-Marissa
8. Bee Block for MMQG-Kristie
9.  Moda Sampler Blocks

Here is to July and taking a couple of vacation days to sew - that will be nice.

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