Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Q2 Finish Along Goals

So it is time again to post the goals for Quarter 2 over at She Can Quilt.

she can quilt

I didn't do too bad last quarter with 3 out of 5 finishes.  There was one more goal  that didn't count since they were not even started but I did get a part of that one done. I am pretty happy with those successes.   Well, I have decided to put it all out there and see what I can get done.  The list is pretty aggressive but don't know unless I try.

1.  Shine-Quilts of Valor Quilt - Finished

This one I started last month at a quilt retreat and I am not real happy with how it turned out since between the crazy pattern, late night sewing, it is really wavy and off.  I am happy with the colors and the overall look of the quilt just laying it out and measuring it, disappointed since I know I can sew better than that.  It is a little better with the borders added.

Current Status:  I just put the borders on this weekend, pieced the back (which I love) and made the binding.  Just need to baste it and quilt it.  Expected Finish April 30th.

2.  Easy Street- Finished

I started this one in November 2012 from Bonnie Hunter's mystery quilt and it was on the Q1 list of goals.  I knew that would be a stretch so I was really happy with getting the progress done I did get done.  I did make lots of progress last quarter and have the top done.

Current Status:  Flimsy done, borders bought.  Need to put the borders on and figure out the back, binding and if I will quilt or send it out.  It is 100x100 so it is large and not sure I want to tackle this on my machine.  The piecing is also really busy so the quilting will not show up too much and have a few ideas I would not mind trying out.  Expected Finish April 30-May15th.

3.  X and + Quilt

Current Status:  I did a couple of swaps last year and have 20 blocks sitting and waiting.  I would like to add another 10 for a nice size and finish this one up.  Expected Finish by June 30th.

No Progress as of July 3rd.

4.  Moda Quilt from 2010-11

Current Status:  I have 5 out of 6 blocks done and need to finish up the sixth block.  I did get some help on it last month so I think I can finish it up.  I was so mad at the block and I messed up sewing it so I put it aside and did not pick it up again.  The blocks have to be sashed and then pieced rows that attach them all. It is really pretty and I had done it out of a lot of  Fig Tree and some coordinating prints which make for a pretty little quilt. I really don't think I will get this one done but if I could get the top done I would be thrilled.  I do need to find the other 5 blocks too!

Finished that one pesky block and put it back.

5.  Heart Strings Quilt

Current Status:  The strings are cut along with the tissue paper to work on the 20 string blocks.  Expected Finish May 31st only because I am really excited to work on this one.

Quilt top done, back bought need to piece the date for the back.  Have to finish in July.

So I am pretty sure I am pushing my luck with getting 5 quilts done in 3 months but I know Q3 I really won't get much done so I am going to push to see what I can get done and wow wouldn't that be fun to get all of them done.  There is some hopeful wishing in there!

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  1. All your work is lovely, Beth ... hope you're happy with what you get finished. Late nights + sewing sometimes = work we're not happy with but I'm sure it will be brilliant when all quilted up :)

  2. XPlus, everybody has got one and soon I will too. good luck with your finishes

  3. Hi Beth, you do have some ambitious goals! I like your color picks for Easy Street. What a fun quilt that was to make. Mine is keeping my nephew warm. I too have an x+ quilt, actually playing with it recently on the design wall, thinking I'll sew it together soon.