Monday, February 25, 2013

A Success

Didn't get a ton done this weekend but did get some things done that were on the sewing to do list so that felt great.

I had off on Friday after a little work getaway with the hubs.  We were able to stay overnight and a nice hotel have a great breakfast out and it was snowing here on Friday. So when I got home I did a little of this:

My DH bought them for me a couple of years ago and either we haven't had a lot of snow or timing is off. So nice 4 inches of snow and I had the day off. It was very quiet and one part of the trail, I was the first one on.  That was a nice way to get a work out in.

Saturday I headed to a small quilt show near my house and I did not take any pictures while I was there.  This show has gotten bigger but still is pretty small.  Went to the vendors, saw all the quilts, listened to a lecture on what is Modern Quilting?  and was done in about an hour and a half.  Not many Modern Quilts but still some very beautiful quilts displayed.  I did buy a little fabric but since we are going to quilt retreat next week end I held back a little.  Here are the two pieces I did get.

I loved the little teapots and thought I would make a place mat to use in the kitchen.

Then for actual sewing I was able to get my fabric cut and organized for my bee month of March.  I then made one test block.  I LOVE IT!  I am so excited to see this done.  It will be rainbow colors.  I hope they all turn out this cool.  I still have lots of charms left so I will be able to fill in or exchange out whatever I need.

Here is hoping I get a little more done this week to prep for the sewing retreat next weekend!  I have a list and here's to not getting side tracked by other things!

Happy Sewing.  Linking up to Let's get Acquainted blog meet which is being hosted by Better off Thread.  There is lots of quilty inspiration over there!

Happy Sewing this week.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

WIP - 2-20

Well as I was reading blog posts today it seems everyone is leaving for Quilt Con today!  How fun is that.  I love going places and places that involve sewing are even better.  A group of ladies from the MMQG are going and one had to drop out and stay home.  How I wish I had an endless supply of money for my hobby. Ok, I know this is all of our wish.  Oh well, I have some fun things coming up that I can look forward to.

Finished Projects-Summerville Quilt

If you haven't seen the post, it is here. Love it!

I made some progress on my hexie MF that I started last year!  I have all 77 centers done and lots of petals but I finished  7 full flowers!  I am loving them.  Now I just need to keep on them.

I have made progress quilting on my Moda Civil War Quilt.  I have the border to do which I just got the thread for and then the circle feathers. That is really my hang up.  I tried those once and was not happy with how they looked so I have been reading up and need a practice, then it has to get done.  I have set a deadline for March 5-complete.  I want to take it for show and tell and the quilt retreat I am attending.  So I can't let it sit.

I also put the last of the rows together on Easy Street.  I finished it last night at like 9 - still not loving it or seeing the design that everyone but mine has.  So it was really hard to get a photo and it was dark but I am seeing it today and really hope I can see it when I step away from it.  This quilt was on my FAL for Q! but I am pretty sure if I get the borders on it, it is not going to get completely done.  My husband doesn't understand if I don't like it why would I spend any more money or time on it.  Well, lots of times it comes together in that final stage.  So I think Easy Street and I need some time apart and we will revisit later!

Up coming projects

I was convinced to join the bee for MMQG and I volunteered to go early since I didn't want the stress of picking out something to be over my head for months.  Crazy I know but making a decision like that is too hard since there are too many choices.  I picked my block and confirmed my colors now I just need to organize that one up.  Can't wait!  I just hope it turns out as great in my head as in person.  The block is the Depression Block and here are the fabrics.  I just bought the white on blacks since I have now left in the stash and last year I did two rainbow swaps.  I just bought Kona white with a coupon.

I am also going to do the retreat quilt.  My plan is red, white and blue and make a donation quilt for QOV.  I want to donate several this year but have not even started one yet. So all the fabric from my stash, a weekend to work on it and I should be set.

Wow, that really was a productive week.  I have lots to get prepped for my sewing retreat and there is a small quilt show in town here so that is what I will be working on.

Happy Sewing.  Linking up WIP.

Friday, February 15, 2013

A finish - Yeah

I was so happy that I was able to get another quilt off the to do list and on the done list.  On my sew day I quick finished up the last row of quilting I had to do at home since I have to FMQ on my sewing table where my machine is set in.  Then I put the binding on at sew day and ended up having enough of the black lines from the Summerville line.  I was worried because at first I could not find the fabric and I had used some of it in another quilt and my LQS no longer had that one color left.  But I kept looking in the piles of fabric and you never know what you will find!

I started this quilt back in August.  I had bought a layer cake and was going to do a simple patchwork quilt with 2.5 in squares and then I had seen over at Camille Roskelley site where she sashed the blocks in white. So that is exactly how I did mine.  I also wanted to try out the dogwood quilting design from Oh Fransson as well.  I loved doing this design and I loved the outcome on the quilt.

Here is a picture of the back I love the effect of this quilting.  I even had messed the line up on a few but even I could not see them with a quick glance and overall still looks good to me!  Love it!  I just need to throw it in the wash next.

This quilt was immediately taken over by my youngest and it was tested by using it for a nap.  It worked!  My poor husband wants to know why DS#2 gets every quilt I make?!

So happy to be done with Quilt #2 on my list of Quilt Goals for the Finish Along!

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Here is to another productive week of sewing!

This was a finish from the Q1 Goals and am linking up to She Can Quilt.

Monday, February 11, 2013

What a week

My travels for work were not fun.  My flights were delayed, then missed my connection, stuck overnight in Detroit.  It took me 27 hours to get from Milwaukee to Des Moines!  Then my flight home was canceled!  Really!  So I rented a car and drove home.  I was so happy that I got home the same day I left.  Hopefully, I will not needing to be going anywhere anytime soon.

Nice thing was I did get lots of sewing time over the weekend.  I had a sew day with the MMQG which is always fun.  So last month I worked on Easy Street and since I still needed to piece the 16 A blocks-that is what I worked on.  Somehow I miss counted and did not have enough green squares with me to finish the rows of the blocks.  I did get everything I could pieced together done.   Then I sewed again on Sunday and finished my blocks!  There are a lot of pieces in this baby!  This one is a big one and had to move a chair out of the way to get it laid out on the floor to get a look at it.  Now I need to start piecing those rows together.

I am not loving it as of yet.  I am hoping I do when it is all together.  My hubby took a look and he thought it looked good - his comment was bright.  While he is not a fan of bright, I love bright!  My youngest loved it as well.  May be I was just working on it too long.  I do think that the design of this one will be better served once it is all sewn together.  As my one quilty friend always reminds me "it won't be your last quilt."

I was also able to finish my Summerville quilt.  I am loving this one!  I was not able to get a photo yet so I will have to do that this week.  It was pouring here on Sunday!  Crazy Wisconsin weather.

I am linking up at Bold Goods for the Let's Get Acquainted Link up and WIP Wednesday Go check out what others are working on too.

Happy Sewing!

Monday, February 4, 2013


I was able to get some sewing done over the weekend which was good news since I have to travel for work this week.  That really cuts into the sewing time but flying gives me lots of reading time!

First up, made my first bee block for the MMQG.  I was happy how it turned out.  It will be fun to see every one's blocks.  My month is March and have a plan so that is good.

Then I worked on my monthly blocks for Moda club at my LQS.  We really only need to make one but we get patterns for three blocks each month and this month I made all three.  We'll see how it goes each month and if I like all the blocks.  I don't really have a plan for the quilt and just thought I would see what fabrics I pulled and liked together.  I am really liking grey and want to find some more good navy's to go in it as well. So far everything has been pulled from my stash.  Here are the three blocks:

I am really trying to do my scrap vomit as my leader and ender project.  I really have a hard time but did manage to get one more block done in between all my blocks.

I also was able to get the quilting started on the Summerville quilt.  I am using the dogwood quilting from Oh Fransson's blog. I am liking it.  I did mess up on lining them up but know once I was it no one will know.   I am hoping to finish it next weekend.

No progress:

1.  Easy street
2.  Civil war sampler
3.  Journal covers for gifts

Want to make the triple zipper pouch yet too!  I am going to the quilts sew day next week so I should be able to make one or more!

Happy sewing!

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Sunday, February 3, 2013

Goal for February

Setting one goal for February and going to link up to a Lovely Year of finishes.  So my one goal is to finish my Summerville quilt.  This should not be too difficult since I have it basted and have a plan for quilting.  

Now I just need to get it done.  I somehow missed the January link up but am excited to have another finish this month and slowly but surely check another work in progress off my list!  

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Friday, February 1, 2013

Finish it up Friday

I did finally make a small finish last night.  I have wanted to make 2 binder covers for my quilt groups I go to at my LQS.  I did get one of the two done.  I had this fabric selected and in a nice stack since last year.  I still like it but need to get it made before I forgot what I wanted to do.

I should have taken a photo of the back too. I just did string piecing in the back.

Here are the other things that were done in January and linking up at Lily's Quilts for Fresh Sew day.

1.  Some scrap vomit blocks
2.  Easy Street Block A's
3.  Finished Wiggly Whimsy read about it here.
4. Summerville - waiting to be quilted.

What I need to do is figure out the mosaics.  I start but somehow something doesn't work for me and I just don't take the time to stay after it.  Technical difficulties are not my strong point.  I thought I had it but just no go.

I need to get going on some more finishes for Quarter one too.  I think I am going to try A Lovely Year of Finishes and Tracy Jae, just three.  So we will see how that goes.

Linking up at Crazy Mom Friday Finishes, Fresh Sewing Day and Small Blog Meet.  What a great way to see what everyone is working on so go check them out.

Happy Sewing!

Sew Thinky Thursday Linky

When I first saw this over on Sew Sweetness I thought what a fun idea. This is something I have wanted to write but just have not taken the time to do it.  So over on Mommy's Nap Time she has started a linky party and all you need to do is answer her question she has posed for that link.  Easy Enough!

When did you start sewing? Tell us a bit about your sewing history. When did you realize you were really hooked? 

My mom had always sewn garments and thought it was important that her daughter learn to sew as well.  So my mother had signed me up for sewing classes at Sears Department stores.  I was about 10 and not thrilled with going there Saturday mornings while my brother was able to play outside and watch cartoons.  There were no other kids in the class and only Grandmas teaching the class.  I don't even remember how many sessions there were.  I made some clothes, home projects and in general was always very crafty as a kid.  I remember the year my parents bought me a new winter long plaid coat and a sewing machine.  I had hit the jackpot. 

During college I took a tailoring class for "fun".  While I learned a lot I still did not have a lot of time to sew and the clothes I made didn't turn out the way I wanted.  The "fun" class for me was a serious class for the rest of the students who planned on doing this for a living!  I was not in the right class!  I was able to get a set of gingham scissors for both myself and my mother. Which we both still use to this day! 

I had always wanted to learn how to quilt so after college graduation and I had started working I had convinced a co-worker to take a quilt class at a LQS and so it started.  I think I was hooked right away.  Here is a picture of my first quilt! Do you love those calicos?

It wasn't too long after that I had decided I needed an updated sewing machine.  I bought my first machine the summer of 1991 about 2 weeks before I found out I was pregnant with my first child.  Thank goodness I bought the machine before I found out otherwise I am sure I would have waited.  I made my son a sailboat quilt.  I looked to see if I still had it but am not sure where I packed that away at.

While my mother had always sewn, she was never a quilter.  There was another shop that was having a quilt retreat so I had convinced my mother to learn how to quilt so my friend and I could be able to afford the quilt retreat.  That was in 1994 and to this day we have gone every year together. 

I found it difficult several years to get much quilting time in with working and have small children.  Then my favorite store had closed and I was not feeling very inspired so I made very few projects.  I still would make some occasional things but I was seriously considering not doing it anymore.

That was until I discovered the Internet and the blogging community.  I had been feeling stagnate and it seemed everything was the same old thing.  When I realized how much was out there to see and be inspired I was again motivated.  I wanted to sew more and I wanted to try new things. 

I had just recently said to my mom that I go to work and do the same kind of work each day. (I do love my job and what I do.) I don't need to do that in my hobby as well.  I need to expand my brain, try new things, go outside my box.  Well that is what I did!  I have made quilts I never thought I would. 

Here is one of the first quilt alongs I did over at In Color Order.
Warm and Cool Quilt along-Batiks by bhaferko

I also want to use my scraps to I have made a couple of Quiltville patterns and working on my third one now.

So I was hooked along time ago but now quilt with a new outlook and love it even more now!  I also have more time with one child away at college and the other now driving and in high school.  I am just waiting to convert the whole basement to my studio.

Thanks for stopping by and Happy Sewing!