Monday, November 18, 2013

Making Christmas Week 6

I have a finish off my Christmas list.  As I prep for my quilting weekend I have been wanting to finish things up instead of packing them or moving them around.  So I made a quilted table runner for a gift for my Son #1 to give to his girlfriends family.  I bought this fabric awhile ago with them in mind so it was just sitting down and getting it done. The rest of the fabric came out of my stash.

 I know this is easy but I am a pattern person so this came from a pattern from LQS a couple of years ago.  I love how you can use a focal fabric.  This fabric is perfect for them.  I am sure they will love it.  My Son was thrilled I offered too.  I quilted just lines with a red Aurfil.
So happy I have made some progress on my list. I have made more progress this past weekend and just need to get some photos to update where I am at.  I have a few tops now to get basted and quilted!

Updated List
1.  5 Thread catchers- pin cushion thingys.  (that is the technical term) November 13th -DONE!                  2.  Apron- chocolate theme - gift for my friend that we make chocolates together each year- no progress.
3.  3 sets of pot holders, towels and now coasters - gifts for co-workers. 2 out of three towels done, coasters done and pot holders 1 done and 2 to go.  
4.  Knitted cowl - bought the yarn last year and want to wear this now!  (I haven't started) bought the circular needles.  Need a little help on the pattern.
5.  Paper pieced pillow for SIL Xmas gift - No progress
6.  Xmas Table runner - gift for my son to give - DONE!
7.  Christmas candies/chocolates - gifts to variety of people including teachers- chocolate bought and date set for 11/30!

The rest of my list that I want to finish by the end of the year!

  • Moda 2010 Quilt- Top Done
  • X and + Quilt - more scraps cut for additional blocks
  • Ohio Star - Top done
  • Moda Friendship Quilt - blocks done, background bought, and layout kinda figured out
  • Dancing 9 Quilt-blocks - Top Done.
Link up is over at Celtic Thistle Stitches.  Seems to me lots of people are getting things done!  I am hoping a few more finishes this week!  Also linking up for Anything Goes Monday!

Friday, November 8, 2013

A small finish

I finished this a couple weeks ago but was busy and sort of forgot about it.  I really wanted to try and take some pictures with the leaves since it reminds me of autumn.  I love those red leaves.  Timing was not working so I was able to leave work early and could snap a couple of photos before it got dark.  
We have mainly yellow leaves in our yard.

But I thought this looked pretty with the bayberry bushes!

I had won the scraps at my Moda Club meeting and they were partially sewn together so I made random blocks and then used the red from the pack we had gotten for the binding and an old beige Moda Marble for the back.  I  free motioned quilted the flower design from Angela Walter's book.  I love the look of that design and thought it would work on here.  There are some florals in the fabric.  Plus it was good practice! Nice small manageable practice piece.   Not sure where it will end up but has been hanging out at the table in our living room.  I may gift it too so we will see.

A closer look at the quilting.

It sure is fun to have a quick cute finish.  

I actually did name this quilt too!  Not something I do often but I named it Autumn Day.

This measures at 24"x30"

Thanks for stopping and enjoy the weekend. 

Linking up with Crazy Mom Quilts, TGIF, and Can I get a Whoo Whoo?  I am sure I will be hopping to see what everyone has been up to later since it was a long week this week!  So happy it is Friday and to have some sew time!  Enjoy!

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Another attempt

So today is the last day to link up for the Lovely Year of finishes, and I am going to put on the list again this month my Moda Sampler quilt from 2010.  Yep, it was on the list last month and really not too much going on with it.

I really want to finish it up.  I have done some work to cut the pieced sashing and organize my fabric so I am ready to go.  My plan is to piece it next weekend on a quilt retreat with a few friends.  I really need this one done!  

I have been working on a few other things as well and mostly getting organized so I can be very productive sewing next weekend but all the way through the end of the year!

I am linking up with NTT Thursday with Kelly and Thursday Threads with Julie!

Here's to getting lots done this month!

Monday, November 4, 2013

Christmas list update

Let's see what I have gotten done on the Christmas list.  I linked up but haven't made much progress until this weekend.  One of six done.  Granted this was 5 of them!

1.  5 Thread catcher - pin cushion thingys. November 13th

  • I finished these!  Yeah!  I used the pattern from Oh Fransson on Sew Mama Sew's blog.  I can tell you that I just don't do well with bag type things. Why did I choose directional prints?  Oh I love it when I buy it but not when I am using it!  When I sew, I like to just sew and not do too much thinking ahead so I just started to sew the first one up (the red spools).  So I cut it, sewed it and then realized I did not cut it right for the direction of the fabric. So I ripped and resewed it so the spools were going in the right direction.  That is why that is smaller and no facing.  It turned out cute.
  • So on to next one's I made the two white ones.  Those turned out better but when I put on the facing I was getting some puckers.   
  • Then on to the last two.  I love that fabric and now I knew it was directional right?  Well I still cut it wrong, so I had to cut again!  Then when I sewed that one up I didn't take into account that one side was fine but the other is upside down!  I was tired so I left it!  No facing on this one since I could not get them to fit just right.  Since there was a front and back whose going to notice!?

So then then last one - ok I will get both sides right.  Well I did get them going in the same direction but now my seams didn't match.  I wasn't trying to since that had lapsed from my brain too!

I lined them up and had my husband look at them all.  Of course I am telling him all of these things and he said, "let's keep this in perspective, they are garbage cans right? They look good all lined up"  How sweet is that guy! I am still not thrilled with them but I will be gifting them and I am sure my friends will use them and like them.  And if they want I will happily give them the pattern and they can make a new one.  Maybe they could redo mine too!  The pin cushion and hanger part turned out great!  There are little pockets in them for small scissors and seam ripper (mine can never be too far from my side).

They took longer than I thought (lots of unsewing) and it is the thought that counts right.  I can tell you I almost scrapped the whole idea but thought that is too much fabric to toss aside. So they are done and ready to go next weekend.

I think this one is my favorite.

So one thing off the list for Christmas.  I plan on doing a few things tonight and I have been organizing the quilts that I want to finish by the end of the year so now I have lots of things ready to go and finish up.

Remaining on the list:  (nothing new added)
2.  Apron- chocolate theme - gift for my friend that we make chocolates together each year

3.  3 sets of pot holders and towels - gifts for co-workers

4.  Knitted cowl - bought the yarn last year and want to wear this now!

5.  Paper pieced pillow for SIL Xmas gift-nothing here at all

6.  Xmas Table runner - gift for my son to give-fabric selected

Linking up at Quilt Matters. Now let's see how others are doing!