Wednesday, January 23, 2013


I am using the Wednesday WIP to keep myself on task and the goal is to post each week.  So that means I need to sew each week.  Some weeks that will be tough since I work full-time, travel for work, and a HS kid.  But it also keeps me in check to be sure to crave out some time for me since I am happier when I get to sew.   On with the progress:

1. Finished my solids Wiggly Whimsy quilt.  Read all the details here.

2.  I did get the back done to the Summerville patchwork.  Now just need to quilt it.

3.  I did get out the hexies and stitched a few watching TV last night.  I just didn't have the energy to sew last night!  I bought some Noteworthy 2.5 charms to stitch into hexies and did a few of those too.  I am also working on the Hexie MF from I'm a Ginger Monkey (Fat Quarterly).  I had not sew one since last summer!  I need to get more done.  Totally bad picture but you get the idea.

My next new start is a block of the month through my LQS.  I am in a monthly Moda club which is always fun.  I did pick one of the lines that the shop choose but thought I would start with my stash and supplement as needed.  I am thinking it is going to have a dark blue with fun colors I like that go with it and then a background/light fabric.  We get patterns/instructions for three blocks but only need to make one.  Not sure if I will make all three or just the one.  I am hoping to keep up monthly with this.  Here is the fabric for the first block.  I think of course I could change my mind yet!

My other WIP's for Q1
1.  Easy Street-no progress
2.  Civil War sampler - some quilting done but lots to go yet.
3.  Only made one journal cover for a swap - have 5 to make and 2 binder covers yet too!

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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

First Finish for 2013

I am so glad to have finally finished something!  I worked on piecing up the back, quilting it, and put on the binding all yesterday afternoon.  I really thought I would be able to finish a second one but it wasn't in the cards.  It just takes longer than I think it will. 

This is my first finish for 2013 and one of the quilts I listed on the Q1 finish along.  I quilted it in white Aurifill thread.  I love this thread!  I did free motion squares.  I really like this pattern and had done this on an I Spy quilt last year that I gave away.  The binding was a Dear Stella print that I just bought at the quilt store.  I love that fabric line with the pretty oranges and pinks.

This quilt got a high 5 from the teenager.  He liked the quilting, the binding and the back.  He really is fun to get feedback from and he likes everything I make but definitely and his favorites.  So I will be able to do show and tell and my two meetings this month too. 

Hopefully, I will have another finish soon with the Summerville patchwork.  I managed to make the back and sandwich it.  Now to figure out what to quilt on it. 

I have made progress on the Civil War sampler but that is taking some time for sure!

Here are the Quilt Stats on the Solids Quilt

Started November 2013
Finished January 2013
Kona White and a Charm pack of the new colors
Size 56" x 57"

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This is the first finish for the Q1 goals and linking up to She Can Quilt for the finish.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

WIP Wednesday - 3

So here's the Wednesday update.  I have been trying to make an effort to get downstairs after dinner most nights to sew just a little.  Somenights it's hard after working all day but I know I will be happy with a little progress over no progress.

I have finally started quilting my Civil War sampler that is 2 plus years old and has been basted for at least 6  months.  I have started with the pieced blocks and am almost half way.  Maybe tonight I can get a few more done.  There are at least 24 of these and then the alternate snowball block. 

Quilting by bhaferko

My plan in the alternate block is a feathered circle and my template is a little too big so I may need some practice on those as I think I will do them freehand.  I love doing feathers in the border fre hand so we'll see what happens when I get to that step.

I also finished putting the top together for the solids quilt.  I thought this pattern was very clever.  I am not one to venture completely out on my own to create a quilt so I am always amazed when someone creates one and puts it to paper.  I love the sewing part!  I used a charm pack of the new Kona colors and Kona white.
Wiggly Whimsy by bhaferko

I found a fun print for the back in my stash not quite enough so I bought two solids to make it work and a binding. My stash tends to lean traditional and not too many big pieces for backing.  So my plan this year is to check the stash prior to buying.  I am really excited to quilt this one and may just finish this one up so I can say I finished something!  I really am an instant gratification kinda quilter! 

This weekend I had a sew day with the my local MMQG (Milwaukee Modern Quilt Group).  That group is a fun bunch!  So I took Easy Street with me and sewed for about 6 hours and did 8 blocks.  I didn't think that sounded like a lot but boy those had lots of pieces! Here they are all together. Now I have the 15 alternate blocks to do.  I did chain piece them so it felt like they went together faster and they are lining up really well considering how many seams there are in there.
Easy Street Blocks by bhaferko
When this is done it is going to read very green but I love lime green so that is good!  Looking at this on the wall I wish my teals would read more the same tone/color.  I am hoping once it is all laid out it will work. Now those dark ones are jumping out at me even though they are really not as dark as they look in the photo.

At the MMQG sew day and dinner we did a journal cover swap.  Here is the one I made:
Journal Cover by bhaferko

I am planning on making more but I think I will line the next one. Wasn't super happy with how it fit.  It needed to be a tighter fight and I think the Kona's fray a little more so I would prefer not to see that.  I would like to make 5 more before my retreat in March for my roomies.  I love the one that I received as well and since I picked 2nd and people after me could steal. Not too much stealing going on.  I was happy!  I haven't taken a photo but it had the Oakshots in red. Love that too since I am probably not going to be buying that fabric in my near future.

I am committed to making 1 or 2 blocks of the scrap vomit a week so I made one more last week too. No picture I think I need to make a few more and then take a picture.

So hopefully my next week I will have at least one of these quilted and done!  Have a great week and thanks for stopping by.  Linking up:WIP Wednesday and Plum and June.  And also going to link up at Lily's Small Blog Meet to meet other small or newer blogs. 


Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Q1 Finish Along

This is the first time linking up with the Leanne at She Can Quilt for the Quarter 1 Finish AlongQ1-Finish Along.  I really want to finish what I started and nothing like having a little pressure to get things done.  Since I just started this blog in November, I thought this will be a great way to start out the year.

I of course am going to add too many things to the list.  I am not sure what I will be able to get done since a few things for work may get in the way.  Hate that when that happens!  Hopefully, it will give me a sense of purpose to sew and finish something so I can start the next project.  I know that I will be starting two new projects this quarter as well.  So on to the list!

1.  Civil War Sampler- it is pinned and ready to go just need to quilt it.  I started this in 2010 for a club at my LQS and I do love it.  I spent the last year "practicing" FMQ and now have a plan and feel as I am ready as I will ever be. Finished March 3rd.

2. Summerville Patchwork- I need to buy the back and then pin and quilt this one.  Since it is pretty busy, not planning on anything special for the quilting.  I loved this line when it came out so really want to see this one finished. Finished February 2013

3.  Solids Quilt - Wiggly-Whimsy Quilt - I started this in November of last year and finished putting the rows together over the weekend. (No updated picture of the rows).  I still need to put the white sashing vertical rows, figure out the back and then quilt it. I have a plan on what I will quilt too. I probably could have finished putting the top together Sunday night but ending up finishing a good book instead!  This is my first solids quilt and am anxious to see this one done as well.  I am in the Kona Club at the LQS and our next meeting is January 29th.  That is the date I am shooting for so we will see if I can make that! Finished January 2013

4. Easy Street from Quiltville's Mystery quilt. - I have made only 2 blocks out of like 25! Yikes, there are a lot of pieces in this one - over 2,000 someone said.  I don't like figuring those things out otherwise I would stop before I ever started.  I love the color combination and the ones that are done are really beautiful.  The design is incredible that happens with placement.  My husband named this the green demon since it was the reason I was locked down in the sewing room all weekend! Flimsy done - needs borders and quilting.
Easy Street on the Design wall by bhaferko

5.  Scrap Vomit Quilt- I have all the squares cut and 2 blocks done!  Well on my way or so I tell myself. I will work on this one when I don't want to think too hard and have a few minutes to sew.  I am also going to use this as my leader/ender project, especially while piecing Easy Street since there is no easy way to piece those blocks. Still working on March 2013 but hope to have it done. March 31st done!

Scrap Vomit -1 by bhaferko

6.  Journal covers/Binder Covers- I need to have one journal cover done for the weekend for a swap with the MMQG (Milwaukee Modern Quilt Group). I also want to make 4 others for a quilting retreat for my roomies in March.  Then I need to make 2 binder covers for my Moda Club.  Never made last years and this year's club starts on the 21st.  It would be nice to have those done as well.  Here are some fabric pulls of some of the fabrics that could make the cut. One journal cover and one binder cover done.

So I think I have my work cut out for me and I am up for the challenge.  We'll see how I end up doing.

Also linking up to Lee-WIP Wednesday- hopefully the weekly update will keep me on task!

Wish me luck!

Monday, January 7, 2013

Easy Street and SV Update

I have been working on Easy Street but am not anywhere near complete.  There are completed ones popping up all over and they are so pretty while lots of people went with the colors Bonnie picked others chose completely different ones.  It is so fun to see the same quilt done in a variety of colors. 

Over the holiday break I did get lots of sewing done so I caught up on all the steps but once I went back to work it is a little more difficult to stay caught up. But during the Packer game Saturday night I did all of the set in triangles.  I love that those are done first since normally this is when I would put the quilt aside not sure why, but I do.  I had set up the Ipad with the photo of the blocks to ensure no ripping - I had to rip only once on the triangles. Set in Triangles by bhaferko

Then I made one block each of the design and yes same set up and yes had to rip once on each block.  It is easy to flip something. Quick fix and they were done.  I did not get any more done but was happy with what I did get done.  I need to make a few more blocks each week and hopefully have this done soon!  If you want to see more of what people are doing on this quilt, head over to the Link up on Quiltville.

Easy Street on the Design wall by bhaferko

I also did 2 blocks for the Scrap Vomit Quilt that I had cut out last year knowing I wanted to make one this year.  If you have not seen it check out I'm a Ginger Monkey, she has done 5 of them!  I love them all.  I love that you can use up all that fabric and then the black and colored squares just tie it together.  I have a lot of old fabric that I can't part with so I have to sew with it! 

Scrap Vomit -2 by bhaferko
 I did do a a couple of swaps to change up the scraps which was fun but I do love seeing some of the ones I have had forever.  The one with moon, I bought that in 1993-94 for my son and never made the quilt I had in mind.  I still remember what I wanted to do!  Then below the yellow with the cows is a quilt I made for my BF's 2nd baby in 1999.  Cows in very bright colors!  Wow!

It really did only take me about30 minutes to make each block.  I think I can commit to making some each week.

Scrap Vomit -1 by bhaferko

As for the Scrappy Trip going crazy everywhere.  I made that quilt last year.  It was fun and went together really quickly. I used lots of oldies and uglies. This quilt is a favorite of the family now too.  I have always wanted to do a second one with more planning but for now I have too many going and I have not succumbed to the pressure of the fun everyone is having with this.  Here is the scrappy trip link at Quiltville.

Scrappy Trip by bhaferko
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Easy Street Update-lots of great progress to look at.
Pippas Patch-Scrap Vomit update

I was having a problem last night getting my pictures uploaded from the computer so I went through flickr.  Not the best at trouble shooting issues like that but I figured something out! 
Can't wait to see what others have been up to and who has finished!  Thanks for stopping.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

A list of WIP

I am committing to finishing some things and doing the finish along as well. As I was pulling things out of the cabinets I found a few other things as well but not sure that I even want to work on those so they will just stay where they are for now.  Here is the run down for 2013:

To be Quilted

This one is layered and ready to go.  I started this one in 2010 using all stash civil war fabric and spent 2011 practicing FMQ.  Hopefully, this turns out as I hope it does in my head.  I have a plan I just need to start it. 

This one is not layered yet and I need to get a back for it.  I don't think I have anything that will really work in my stash for it.  I started this one in September and should be good to get it done sooner than later.


 Moda Bake shop pattern with all solids.  Used a Kona charm pack and I think it was the new colors and Kona White.  I just finished the blocks over the weekend.  This will be my first all solids project and I am pretty one of my boys will like this one.

1 Swoon block.- I really want to make this quilt.  I know it seems like everyone made one.  I have not committed to the whole quilt but just finish this block.  I bought the pattern and fabric while I was at a retreat and when they say you need to be careful cutting, they meant it.  I bought two fat quarters - love the lime green and grey.  I cut it wrong, of course, called the quilt shop and they sent me the one I messed up.  That was November!  Well I thought I would just put this one together, and oh yeah, cut the other fabric wrong too!  Really!  I cut it 5.5 instead of 6.5.  Now it is January and they were out of the fabric but the store owner checked her stash and had enough for me to finish and sent it to me for free!  Can you believe that?  She said just bring it in when I finish it!  So that was an easy request.  We'll see if I make a block two.

Easy Street from Quiltville's mystery quilt.  The last 2 steps were revealed and I love it! I am anxious to get some blocks together on this one.  I am caught up on all of the steps so it is now just assembling the blocks.

Cut and really want to start sewing:

The scrap vomit quilt!  I have lots of squares cut did a couple of swaps since my own fabric seems to get boring after a while and picked two different centers.  The pink looks more red in the picture (Kona Pomegranate) and then green (pea pod).  Really want to start this one!

I am hoping to stay on task and get a few things done early in the year since of course I have a few things on the list I don't want to start until something gets done.  And of course this doesn't include any of the cool things I will find along the way either.

Linking up at Freshly Pieced!  Have a good week and thanks for stopping.