Wednesday, January 22, 2014

WIP Week #3

I am trying to link up on Wednesdays to keep me on task and to blog a little more regularly.  I did sew and get things done this week just none of it is very exciting.

Here are the 10 extra I have sewn up this brings my count up to 40.  Next week I am going to lay them all out and decide how many more I need to make.

I finished sewing up the triangle section in the Tula Pink City Sampler.  Whew! I am glad that section is done!

I started quilting the HST Riley Black Fabric Quilt.  This is for my goal for my Lovely Month of Finishes so I need to get going on this!

I was testing out some FMQ and pulled this piece of fabric out to practice on and look at the date on there! I thought that was funny. I know I have oldies and not necessarily goodies any more but it did make me laugh.  

This next week not much sewing will get done. I am off with a few friends for a weekend of scrapbooking. I don't really do much of it anymore really, just this weekend.  I have to get my youngest's book organized and scrap his junior year.  Once HS is over and I am done with the kids books I think my scrapbooking days will be over! I am excited to go we always manage to have a great time and I do get a lot done.  I am going to bring my hexies and knitting incase it strikes me to work on those.

My List for the next week will probably be the same for two weeks and hopefully I will have something finished soon!

1. Quilt and Bind HST RB Quilt
2. Quilt and Bind RB challenge Quilt
3.  Pick out fabric/cut next section on City Sampler
4.  Sew 25 Badger Blocks
5.  Cut Moda Quilt blocks out for alternate blocks

Last week's list

1.  Sew City Sampler triangle blocks 9 left- Done
2.  Baste and Quilt HST Quilt -Basted and started Quilting
3.  Baste and Quilt RB Challenge Quilt- Basted-still thinking on Quilting
4.  Sew up 25 blocks on the Badger Quilt-done
5.  Order photos for scrapbook weekend-done

I am linking up at WIP Wednesday, Let's Bee Social and NTT.  Thanks for stopping and go check out what everyone is working on!


  1. Looks like you are keeping up with your goals, Beth! Lovin' those x and + blocks! And your quilting on the HST quilt. Great job!

  2. Really like the X and + blocks. New here, from Let's Bee Social. I'll be back!

  3. Lots of great blocks you have going. I bought Tula's City Sampler book and have it turning over in the back of my mind. I love seeing what fabrics others are using in theirs. Fun!

  4. Japanese x & + is my new favourite block. I have only made 10 so far but I am loving them. Just asked my bee mates to make some so I am looking forward to receiving more soon! Love yours and your Tula Pink sampler block. Great work.

  5. i love your x&+ blocks! it's one of my all-time faves.

  6. The x&+ blocks are so pretty - very colorful! Can't wait to see it done!

  7. Love the X and + blocks those are looking wonderful. Love the quilting too, can't wait to see it finished!

  8. Great WIPs- can't wait to see your Tula sampler. I'm just about to start my own...

  9. Wow you have made some great progress! I need to get going on my X and t blocks. Yours look great!

  10. beautiful X+ blocks, and love your Tula blocks! I'll bet those HST's gave you headaches!

    Thanks for sharing at Needle and Thread Thursday!

    :) Kelly @ My Quilt Infatuation

  11. It's exciting for us, Beth! Love seeing what you've been up to. I really like those 10 blocks :)

  12. That quilting is looking good,great job on keeping up with your goals.