Sunday, January 12, 2014

Sunday Stash

Not sure that I will post many of these since I am on a fabric diet and I have not broken it yet!  There is a vote of confidence from that devils voice inside my head.  All of these fabrics that I am sharing today were either gifted or bought prior to December 31st.

Here is what was gifted to me 8 1/2 yard cuts of the Botanics Line, great stash builder for sure from my mom.

However that was not enough I wanted the fat quarter bundle of the whole line and when I didn't get it I took Christmas money from my FIL and ordered it from Cuts of Cotton.  So happy she had it and with 30% off!  

When you get 30% off can't get just one thing and she had Essex yarn dyed in denim so 2 yards went into the cart too!  Not sure on my plan for the Fat Quarter Bundle or the yarn dye but I love them.  I normally don't buy a full line of anything so we will see what happens with it.  

Well that was not nearly enough because I had a 20% off coupon at my LQS and knew I wanted one of the lights in Botanics in yardage so I bought three yards of  this one:

I bought some earlier but used it all in scarfs.  I needed/wanted more to have on hand.  I think I will use this a lot!

While I went to get that piece of fabricm the store was having their scrap sale and these ended up in my bag as well.  

It was a good deal and I just could not pass it up!  Yes, there is more Botanics in there!  

So here is my loot from the one week between Christmas and New Years! (that is a lot of fabric) I really don't need any new fabric soon but there are so many pretty things out there.  I am hanging strong so far but it is early!

I am linking up to Molli Sparkles Sunday Stash Report!  I am going to go look at other peoples treasures instead!  


  1. A stash diet won't be so bad now all that sew up! I'll look forward to seeing what you make with it :)

  2. I love all of these pieces. Fantastic colors and prints. I agree with Janine that a diet isn't so bad when you have such great fabric to work with . I really like the subtlety of the botanics line, so much potential!

  3. Lovely lovely lovely, you'll be using bits of that for many years to come I'm sure. Unless you're a ridiculously prolific quilter, in which case I'd like to know your secret!

  4. Those are all drool worthy choices! Seems like you were anticipating the diet 'cause you're all stocked up!

  5. Um… you shouldn't be totally satiated with all those goodies arriving on your doorstep! Thanks for linking up!

  6. Really pretty, good luck in your fabric diet.

  7. I love the Botanics Line! I might have to seriously look at getting them.