Thursday, July 25, 2013

Day off - Lots of quilting

I had a really nice day off.  Not perfect but relaxing and I did get some quality sewing time in.  I started last night and did the one block from Moda Club I missed for last month.

I love the navy and dark pink.  I had been thinking about pairing those two up for awhile now so I am glad I did this one.  Here are the blocks I have done so far:

I am going to work on getting more navy in the rest of the blocks since that was my intent navy, grey and fun prints I liked.  I think it will work and I love how bright they are.

My main objective today was to work on the Wedding Quilt.  That part not so good.  I had laid out all three layers on Wednesday night so then I would spray baste it in the morning when no one was hope.  Love days with no one but me and the sewing machine home!  Well, that did not work.  The spray was not working. Don't know why.  I tried twice and nope it was not sticking.  I actually got in my car to go get some 505 from the quilt store but then that would be an hour and I could be done pin basting it.  I had used the Dritz spray baste.  Yup that can went in the garbage. It has an odor and now it didn't work.  So I pinned it!  Basting is my least favorite part so to have to do it twice - not so happy.

I did get the heart quilted and the parts dividing it up.  I was happy with my progress.  I think the fill in parts will go faster.  I am still debating should each section be different or the same?  Not sure.  My hubby says the same since he likes more traditional balanced look.  This quilt ideas was from Don't Call me Betsy and she used wavy lines.  Hers was a wall hanging.

I like it so far.  So what do think all the same or different motifs.  I was thinking spirals, may be some free motion hearts.  I'll take some options.  There won't be a Friday finish since we leave for the weekend tomorrow afternoon and I have to figure out how to get a new phone for work.  Yup it died today.  Pain but hopefully I can get it replaced quick.

Wow that was a long post!  Thanks for hanging in there.

I am also linking up for 627 Handworks Thursdays Threads.  Just found her blog via Plum and June and lots of good things to check out over there.

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  1. Different motifs. Makes the quilting stand out more.