Wednesday, January 23, 2013


I am using the Wednesday WIP to keep myself on task and the goal is to post each week.  So that means I need to sew each week.  Some weeks that will be tough since I work full-time, travel for work, and a HS kid.  But it also keeps me in check to be sure to crave out some time for me since I am happier when I get to sew.   On with the progress:

1. Finished my solids Wiggly Whimsy quilt.  Read all the details here.

2.  I did get the back done to the Summerville patchwork.  Now just need to quilt it.

3.  I did get out the hexies and stitched a few watching TV last night.  I just didn't have the energy to sew last night!  I bought some Noteworthy 2.5 charms to stitch into hexies and did a few of those too.  I am also working on the Hexie MF from I'm a Ginger Monkey (Fat Quarterly).  I had not sew one since last summer!  I need to get more done.  Totally bad picture but you get the idea.

My next new start is a block of the month through my LQS.  I am in a monthly Moda club which is always fun.  I did pick one of the lines that the shop choose but thought I would start with my stash and supplement as needed.  I am thinking it is going to have a dark blue with fun colors I like that go with it and then a background/light fabric.  We get patterns/instructions for three blocks but only need to make one.  Not sure if I will make all three or just the one.  I am hoping to keep up monthly with this.  Here is the fabric for the first block.  I think of course I could change my mind yet!

My other WIP's for Q1
1.  Easy Street-no progress
2.  Civil War sampler - some quilting done but lots to go yet.
3.  Only made one journal cover for a swap - have 5 to make and 2 binder covers yet too!

Thanks for stopping by and I love to hear from you too!  Linking up with WIP Wednesday!


  1. I love your wiggly whimsy quilt. I need to go buy some white cotton I am in desperate need of white in my stach. I think e are alot alike, I too work full time and find it difficult at times to make time for quilting in a week. I'm also working on hexies its an on going thing with me.I also am working on something similar to your summerville quilt but am using green instead of white between squares

  2. You have inspired me. I must now make a wiggly whimsy quilt. Yours is so charming and I want to try a solid quilt. Thanks so much for sharing.

  3. You sure have been busy! I love your work. I've given you the Liebster award. I had fun with it and I hope you do to. The info is here:

  4. I love that Wiggle Whimsy quilt! I'm planning a baby quilt for a good friend and I'm thinking rainbow on a gender neutral background, thanks for adding to my inspiration :)