Monday, January 7, 2013

Easy Street and SV Update

I have been working on Easy Street but am not anywhere near complete.  There are completed ones popping up all over and they are so pretty while lots of people went with the colors Bonnie picked others chose completely different ones.  It is so fun to see the same quilt done in a variety of colors. 

Over the holiday break I did get lots of sewing done so I caught up on all the steps but once I went back to work it is a little more difficult to stay caught up. But during the Packer game Saturday night I did all of the set in triangles.  I love that those are done first since normally this is when I would put the quilt aside not sure why, but I do.  I had set up the Ipad with the photo of the blocks to ensure no ripping - I had to rip only once on the triangles. Set in Triangles by bhaferko

Then I made one block each of the design and yes same set up and yes had to rip once on each block.  It is easy to flip something. Quick fix and they were done.  I did not get any more done but was happy with what I did get done.  I need to make a few more blocks each week and hopefully have this done soon!  If you want to see more of what people are doing on this quilt, head over to the Link up on Quiltville.

Easy Street on the Design wall by bhaferko

I also did 2 blocks for the Scrap Vomit Quilt that I had cut out last year knowing I wanted to make one this year.  If you have not seen it check out I'm a Ginger Monkey, she has done 5 of them!  I love them all.  I love that you can use up all that fabric and then the black and colored squares just tie it together.  I have a lot of old fabric that I can't part with so I have to sew with it! 

Scrap Vomit -2 by bhaferko
 I did do a a couple of swaps to change up the scraps which was fun but I do love seeing some of the ones I have had forever.  The one with moon, I bought that in 1993-94 for my son and never made the quilt I had in mind.  I still remember what I wanted to do!  Then below the yellow with the cows is a quilt I made for my BF's 2nd baby in 1999.  Cows in very bright colors!  Wow!

It really did only take me about30 minutes to make each block.  I think I can commit to making some each week.

Scrap Vomit -1 by bhaferko

As for the Scrappy Trip going crazy everywhere.  I made that quilt last year.  It was fun and went together really quickly. I used lots of oldies and uglies. This quilt is a favorite of the family now too.  I have always wanted to do a second one with more planning but for now I have too many going and I have not succumbed to the pressure of the fun everyone is having with this.  Here is the scrappy trip link at Quiltville.

Scrappy Trip by bhaferko
Linking up at Plum and June for the Let's get acquainted linky.
Easy Street Update-lots of great progress to look at.
Pippas Patch-Scrap Vomit update

I was having a problem last night getting my pictures uploaded from the computer so I went through flickr.  Not the best at trouble shooting issues like that but I figured something out! 
Can't wait to see what others have been up to and who has finished!  Thanks for stopping.


  1. Keep up the good work - the orange is looking great.

  2. I love your vomit blocks, the wedding ring/irish chain quilty fabric is cute

  3. I hope to soon see the result on Easy Street, your colours are different which makes it more interesting.

  4. I love your scrap vomit quilt. I'm like you I been tempted to start quilting along with everybody whos is doing this quilt right now, but I have too much going on. So I settled for admiring everyone's beautiful work.

  5. That Easy Street quilt looks very cool! And I really like your scrappy trip along!

  6. Scrap vomit - that's funny. I think I'll have to do the trip quilt this next year.

  7. Keep going - you're nearly there! I love the orange in your quilt. Scrap Vomit quilts are fantastic - might have to make one myself.