Wednesday, January 2, 2013

A list of WIP

I am committing to finishing some things and doing the finish along as well. As I was pulling things out of the cabinets I found a few other things as well but not sure that I even want to work on those so they will just stay where they are for now.  Here is the run down for 2013:

To be Quilted

This one is layered and ready to go.  I started this one in 2010 using all stash civil war fabric and spent 2011 practicing FMQ.  Hopefully, this turns out as I hope it does in my head.  I have a plan I just need to start it. 

This one is not layered yet and I need to get a back for it.  I don't think I have anything that will really work in my stash for it.  I started this one in September and should be good to get it done sooner than later.


 Moda Bake shop pattern with all solids.  Used a Kona charm pack and I think it was the new colors and Kona White.  I just finished the blocks over the weekend.  This will be my first all solids project and I am pretty one of my boys will like this one.

1 Swoon block.- I really want to make this quilt.  I know it seems like everyone made one.  I have not committed to the whole quilt but just finish this block.  I bought the pattern and fabric while I was at a retreat and when they say you need to be careful cutting, they meant it.  I bought two fat quarters - love the lime green and grey.  I cut it wrong, of course, called the quilt shop and they sent me the one I messed up.  That was November!  Well I thought I would just put this one together, and oh yeah, cut the other fabric wrong too!  Really!  I cut it 5.5 instead of 6.5.  Now it is January and they were out of the fabric but the store owner checked her stash and had enough for me to finish and sent it to me for free!  Can you believe that?  She said just bring it in when I finish it!  So that was an easy request.  We'll see if I make a block two.

Easy Street from Quiltville's mystery quilt.  The last 2 steps were revealed and I love it! I am anxious to get some blocks together on this one.  I am caught up on all of the steps so it is now just assembling the blocks.

Cut and really want to start sewing:

The scrap vomit quilt!  I have lots of squares cut did a couple of swaps since my own fabric seems to get boring after a while and picked two different centers.  The pink looks more red in the picture (Kona Pomegranate) and then green (pea pod).  Really want to start this one!

I am hoping to stay on task and get a few things done early in the year since of course I have a few things on the list I don't want to start until something gets done.  And of course this doesn't include any of the cool things I will find along the way either.

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  1. Looks like you have a lot of great projects in the works!

  2. You have a lot of great projects going on! Good luck getting everything done!

  3. I lost steam on my Swoon so it became a varied version "starred swoon" I made more mistakes on that quilt then I did dozens of projects. the pomegranate and pea pod are yummy together.