Wednesday, January 16, 2013

WIP Wednesday - 3

So here's the Wednesday update.  I have been trying to make an effort to get downstairs after dinner most nights to sew just a little.  Somenights it's hard after working all day but I know I will be happy with a little progress over no progress.

I have finally started quilting my Civil War sampler that is 2 plus years old and has been basted for at least 6  months.  I have started with the pieced blocks and am almost half way.  Maybe tonight I can get a few more done.  There are at least 24 of these and then the alternate snowball block. 

Quilting by bhaferko

My plan in the alternate block is a feathered circle and my template is a little too big so I may need some practice on those as I think I will do them freehand.  I love doing feathers in the border fre hand so we'll see what happens when I get to that step.

I also finished putting the top together for the solids quilt.  I thought this pattern was very clever.  I am not one to venture completely out on my own to create a quilt so I am always amazed when someone creates one and puts it to paper.  I love the sewing part!  I used a charm pack of the new Kona colors and Kona white.
Wiggly Whimsy by bhaferko

I found a fun print for the back in my stash not quite enough so I bought two solids to make it work and a binding. My stash tends to lean traditional and not too many big pieces for backing.  So my plan this year is to check the stash prior to buying.  I am really excited to quilt this one and may just finish this one up so I can say I finished something!  I really am an instant gratification kinda quilter! 

This weekend I had a sew day with the my local MMQG (Milwaukee Modern Quilt Group).  That group is a fun bunch!  So I took Easy Street with me and sewed for about 6 hours and did 8 blocks.  I didn't think that sounded like a lot but boy those had lots of pieces! Here they are all together. Now I have the 15 alternate blocks to do.  I did chain piece them so it felt like they went together faster and they are lining up really well considering how many seams there are in there.
Easy Street Blocks by bhaferko
When this is done it is going to read very green but I love lime green so that is good!  Looking at this on the wall I wish my teals would read more the same tone/color.  I am hoping once it is all laid out it will work. Now those dark ones are jumping out at me even though they are really not as dark as they look in the photo.

At the MMQG sew day and dinner we did a journal cover swap.  Here is the one I made:
Journal Cover by bhaferko

I am planning on making more but I think I will line the next one. Wasn't super happy with how it fit.  It needed to be a tighter fight and I think the Kona's fray a little more so I would prefer not to see that.  I would like to make 5 more before my retreat in March for my roomies.  I love the one that I received as well and since I picked 2nd and people after me could steal. Not too much stealing going on.  I was happy!  I haven't taken a photo but it had the Oakshots in red. Love that too since I am probably not going to be buying that fabric in my near future.

I am committed to making 1 or 2 blocks of the scrap vomit a week so I made one more last week too. No picture I think I need to make a few more and then take a picture.

So hopefully my next week I will have at least one of these quilted and done!  Have a great week and thanks for stopping by.  Linking up:WIP Wednesday and Plum and June.  And also going to link up at Lily's Small Blog Meet to meet other small or newer blogs. 



  1. Love your solids quilt - really bright and cheerful.

  2. I love your solids quilt. It is charming. Thanks so much for sharing.

  3. I love the solids quilt and your journal cover is just awesome!!

  4. I love the solids quilt! It just makes me smile.