Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Scraptastic Tuesday

I have several scrap quilts going so thought it would be fun to link up what I have been working on.

This is my light string drawer.  I have made 24 10.5 inch blocks so far and am aiming for 42 blocks total.  Thinking a 60 x 70 quilt will make a very nice lap quilt.  Yes, they are some really old stash fabrics in there!

They are easy and am trying to section them off in 6 block increments to get through them and stay on task. I love looking at all the fabric but there is some cringing going on as well. I just use tissue paper for my foundation.  I buy it in big pack at Christmas time and cut the pieces up to the size I need. I find this works well and it rips off easily.  It is a little messy but then it just goes with the thread all over the floor.

I find the more blocks I sew the more I love the quilt and once you step back and look at them from afar I do love the scrappiness of it all.

Still not sure how this one will get sewn together but here is what I have so far. Two different layouts so far.

I am hoping to get this one to completion yet this month.  Sew day this weekend so it is an easy one to do - can't really mess it up when I am busy talking.

I am linking up with She Can Quilt for Scraptastic Tuesday and Quilt Story.  First time linking in both of these places!

I am going to see what others are up to!


  1. The colors of your string blocks give them so much texture. It's a calming, but interesting group of blocks. I prefer the triangle layout; it's easier to look at, if that makes any sense! Thanks for the tip about tissue paper.

  2. Awesome blocks. The fabrics all look great together.

  3. These are lovely. I might have to give something like this a try. It would be a great way to use up some of my scraps.

  4. Love it ! Prefer the diamonds myself but the other layout is beautiful too. Or you could do zigzags of course. I use newspaper or telephone directories as a foundation but it might be too mucky for your low volume blocks. Thanks for linking up to ScraptasticTuesday!

  5. I love how this looks! The low volume effect is wonderful!

  6. Wow!! Way to turn old scraps into some real beauty, "cringers" and all. I love how that magically transforms things. The diamond layout is GORGEOUS.