Thursday, July 24, 2014

Quick Update

Just had to post this quick.  I am done with Sam's quilt and just needed to pin and quilt it.  It is big 87 X 87!  I am anxious to see how it works under the Juki with the bulk but pinning it is my least favorite part.

I really don't have enough room at home with out moving furniture so I thought I can do it on the tables at work on night after work.  So even better I asked a group who lunches regularly if they were up for helping.  There are two ladies who had done it before but the majority said I don't know how.  It is easy and I will show you. They said yes!

How awesome is that.  That quilt took a total of 30 minutes but it would have been less had I not messed up on one of the ends.  It was short on the back.  Yep the side I was responsible for.  Didn't matter they helped undo and redo it.  A few had to get back to work lunch was over but a few new people came in and helped finish it up.  It most likely would have only taken a total of 20 minutes. That project would have taken me at least an hour or more and I would have done it on the floor.
 Look at all those busy hands!
This week at work has been being hectic and stressful and this just made the whole week better.

I work with a great bunch of people that really normally is not too difficult to come to each day.  All I know is that you never know what will happen when you just ask for a little help.

I also am almost done with this quilt too!  So hopefully this weekend I will have some finishes to share!

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  1. Team work is the best work! What a great way to finish up such a big quilt.

  2. How wonderful to receive some help pinning. And your spiral quilting looks great!

  3. What a great idea to get help from the girls at work. How sweet of everyone to pitch in! Looking forward to seeing your finished quilts!