Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Hand 2 Heart Finish

One of the things I wanted to do more of this year is sew up some stash fabric and make a few quilts for charity.  Last year I was not able to make any charity quilts so this year I wanted to make a point of trying some new things and sewing some of the novelty fabric I still had in my stash.

Here is "Around the World"

I had bought this panel a couple of years ago with the intention of sewing up a baby charity quilt. The fabrics that are also in here are from a quilt kit I won years ago and this is quilt number 3 from that same kit.  Here is the first one, the second one.

I kept it simple with large 3.5 in cut strips made into 4 patches and then added some red Kona to make it just a little bigger.  This is the first quilt I completely did on my Juki.

I did some FMQ on it and tried a few things out to get use to the new machine.  I like the dogwood in the four patch.  I do like them better when I kept them bigger than thin ones.

In the red area I did a square spiral.  That was a little more difficult to evenly space them going in and then coming back out.  I did mess with the tension a bit as the red thread can be seen on the back side.  It was fine when the thread was the same color.

Then in the map area I went around the big areas did spirals on the land mass and just meandered in the water.

I can tell that the FMQ on this machine is much easier and works great compared to my old one.

I used Aurfil on all of the free motion and it worked beautifully.

This quilt is going to be sent to Quilts of Compassion through Hand 2 Help.   They make and collect quilts for a wide variety of people that have suffered from the after-effects of tornadoes.  They recently had a quilt drive and distributed 1600 quilts in the Oklahoma area.
This was also on my Q2 Goals and linking up the finish at The Littlest Thistle


  1. My eleven year old son thought this quilt was so cool. He is sure it will be much loved. I agree. I'm glad to see you are figuring things out on your new machine.

  2. Your stitches are lovely - what a fun and rewarding way to try out your new machine and practice stitches. I especially like your square spirals - the are such fun!!!

  3. I think it's cool too! I'd love to find some of that map fabric myself… And your quilting is wonderful. Thanks so much for joining in the Challenge this year, and I hope we'll see you again next year!