Monday, February 11, 2013

What a week

My travels for work were not fun.  My flights were delayed, then missed my connection, stuck overnight in Detroit.  It took me 27 hours to get from Milwaukee to Des Moines!  Then my flight home was canceled!  Really!  So I rented a car and drove home.  I was so happy that I got home the same day I left.  Hopefully, I will not needing to be going anywhere anytime soon.

Nice thing was I did get lots of sewing time over the weekend.  I had a sew day with the MMQG which is always fun.  So last month I worked on Easy Street and since I still needed to piece the 16 A blocks-that is what I worked on.  Somehow I miss counted and did not have enough green squares with me to finish the rows of the blocks.  I did get everything I could pieced together done.   Then I sewed again on Sunday and finished my blocks!  There are a lot of pieces in this baby!  This one is a big one and had to move a chair out of the way to get it laid out on the floor to get a look at it.  Now I need to start piecing those rows together.

I am not loving it as of yet.  I am hoping I do when it is all together.  My hubby took a look and he thought it looked good - his comment was bright.  While he is not a fan of bright, I love bright!  My youngest loved it as well.  May be I was just working on it too long.  I do think that the design of this one will be better served once it is all sewn together.  As my one quilty friend always reminds me "it won't be your last quilt."

I was also able to finish my Summerville quilt.  I am loving this one!  I was not able to get a photo yet so I will have to do that this week.  It was pouring here on Sunday!  Crazy Wisconsin weather.

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Happy Sewing!


  1. I love brights too - especially paired up with modern fabrics!

  2. I love how this quilt is coming together. It seems bright but not too much so. The grey and white fabrics add such a wonderful contrast/pop to your brights. Nice work.

  3. It's pretty. I love the bright orange and blue and I think the green provides the right amount of balance to it. It's a cool pattern.

  4. Love your quilt! Sorry to hear about your travels. I've been taking quilts to bind in my bag when I travel so I feel like I havne't wasted a whole day when I have to sit in an airport or plane! Got 4 done my last trip.

    I love the greens and oranges in this quilt! Can't wait to see it completed.

  5. Travel with crappy weather is not fun - I am doing a happy dance that my travel schedule is pretty light right now! I love how this quilt has great pops of color and the B&W background... it will come together nicely

  6. I love it! I think it will be amazing when it's all finished :)

  7. I love it! I know how when you work on a quilt too long it wears on you,once it is finished I am sure it will be loved again.