Wednesday, February 20, 2013

WIP - 2-20

Well as I was reading blog posts today it seems everyone is leaving for Quilt Con today!  How fun is that.  I love going places and places that involve sewing are even better.  A group of ladies from the MMQG are going and one had to drop out and stay home.  How I wish I had an endless supply of money for my hobby. Ok, I know this is all of our wish.  Oh well, I have some fun things coming up that I can look forward to.

Finished Projects-Summerville Quilt

If you haven't seen the post, it is here. Love it!

I made some progress on my hexie MF that I started last year!  I have all 77 centers done and lots of petals but I finished  7 full flowers!  I am loving them.  Now I just need to keep on them.

I have made progress quilting on my Moda Civil War Quilt.  I have the border to do which I just got the thread for and then the circle feathers. That is really my hang up.  I tried those once and was not happy with how they looked so I have been reading up and need a practice, then it has to get done.  I have set a deadline for March 5-complete.  I want to take it for show and tell and the quilt retreat I am attending.  So I can't let it sit.

I also put the last of the rows together on Easy Street.  I finished it last night at like 9 - still not loving it or seeing the design that everyone but mine has.  So it was really hard to get a photo and it was dark but I am seeing it today and really hope I can see it when I step away from it.  This quilt was on my FAL for Q! but I am pretty sure if I get the borders on it, it is not going to get completely done.  My husband doesn't understand if I don't like it why would I spend any more money or time on it.  Well, lots of times it comes together in that final stage.  So I think Easy Street and I need some time apart and we will revisit later!

Up coming projects

I was convinced to join the bee for MMQG and I volunteered to go early since I didn't want the stress of picking out something to be over my head for months.  Crazy I know but making a decision like that is too hard since there are too many choices.  I picked my block and confirmed my colors now I just need to organize that one up.  Can't wait!  I just hope it turns out as great in my head as in person.  The block is the Depression Block and here are the fabrics.  I just bought the white on blacks since I have now left in the stash and last year I did two rainbow swaps.  I just bought Kona white with a coupon.

I am also going to do the retreat quilt.  My plan is red, white and blue and make a donation quilt for QOV.  I want to donate several this year but have not even started one yet. So all the fabric from my stash, a weekend to work on it and I should be set.

Wow, that really was a productive week.  I have lots to get prepped for my sewing retreat and there is a small quilt show in town here so that is what I will be working on.

Happy Sewing.  Linking up WIP.


  1. I like your easy street, but I am unfamiliar with the pattern so don't know what the others might have that you think yours doesn't.

    Love your fabric stack for the bee!

  2. Enjoy seeing all your projects. I have a pile of squares ready for Hexagon project. I thought it would be my 'winter' project but have too many other things started. Good luck with your QOV quilt.

  3. Your Summersville quilt is lovely - I just adore that line of fabric - it is so fun!!! I agree with you - so many projects DO come together in the final stages (to my great relief) and then we end up loving each other, sometimes in the stages before that I worry a little!!!

  4. I'm the same way - once you start something just finish it - once you get it done, then quilted - maybe the love will come back. I love the colors and the pattern! You could always sell it and make back your money at least!

  5. I love the pattern you chose for the summersville fabric!!!I would love to go on a quilt retreat! I really have been too shy to join the local modern quilt guild. Love the black and white choices with the rainbow!!!

  6. I like your choice of colors for Easy Street - I'm an orange fan! I think a blue border might tie it all together nicely. Those hexie flowers are very pretty!

  7. Stopping over from small blog meet. I am also at the same point as you on Easy Street. And I agree with Kathy that a blue border will bring out the blues in the quilt.