Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Heart Quilt Top-Flimsy

I was so excited to finish this quilt top.  I tend to put things off that scare me a bit and cutting into the limited amount of fabric scared me.  See I generally follow a pattern.  I can change it up or improv my way through but generally when I make a quilt I have a pattern and know what I need.  So on the string heart quilt, no pattern.  I knew I wanted to make this as a wedding gift after seeing the wall hanging on Don't Call Me Betsy.

So the part I was afraid to do is cut into the yarn dyed essex in black for the background.  I bought a little extra since I wasn't sure how big I was going to make it.  Me and Math - we don't really get along real well. I am definitely a visual person.  So I planned out the quilt wrote the measurements and then measured my fabric.  Then I had my hubby check my work. I was taking no chances on me messing it up.

I cut the fabric.  Now when I know I have only a limited amount I somehow screw it up and cut wrong. Well, I went for it on Sunday night so I could figure out a back when going to the my LQS Monday night.  I sewed it up and it went according to plan!  I even have a little left over.  YEAH!  I was so excited.

We took a quick picture in the quickly fading light.I took one in the house and then one outside.  I need to get better ones once it is done.

So now it was to figure out the back and binding.  I had Moda club last night and they just got in Shades of Black.  Wow, that is a really pretty line.  Here is what I went with.  I am pretty excited to get this one done.  Hopefully the quilting will be as cool done as it is in my head.  This is the most modern thing I have done.  I am still a little unsure of it but as it is coming together I am just really excited to see this all come together.

The striped will be the binding and the grey print is the back.  I am planning on piecing the date in bright pink and a grey polka dot.  I am going to need a little practice on the free piece numbers but I think that it will look great on the back.

Hope everyone is feeling inspired and getting time to sew!   I need more time since the weather is finally nice it is hard to get into the sewing room in the basement.  Here is to a productive week!

Linking up to Let's Get Acquainted over at the Sewing Chick. She has some great quilts and inspiration over there too!


  1. Ooh...I love this. The string heart is fabulous but on the black essex, it is really gorgeous!! I shall check back to see this when it is finished. Thanks for linking up with Let's Get Acquainted!

  2. Oh, that turned out really lovely. I like what you chose for the back. Can't wait to see the quilting.