Wednesday, March 20, 2013


The past weekend did not provide as much opportunity for sewing as I would have liked and the free time I had was instead used to plant my butt firmly on the couch and watch the first season of....

I know behind the eight ball on this series but since we had Netflex I watched.  Now I am hooked!  and have to figure out where I am going to watch Season 2 and 3!
Officially on Bloglovin.  Not sure on this techy stuff but claimed my blog.

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Here is where I am at on my current projects

1.  Scrap Vomit-Have just the 5 scrap blocks to do and one more with the black in it since I miss counted.

I had to rip one out since it looked like this. I was wondering why I didn't have enough matches.  Just wish I would have not miss counted.

So now only 6 blocks to go and I can assembly it, hopefully over the weekend.

2.  Moda Club Monthly blocks - done but forgot to take a picture.  Fun colors and fabrics with grey.  Liking them so far.

Status on other projects:

4.  Easy Street - picked out borders and need to put them on and then quilt.

5.  Shine-QOV quilt - bought borders so need to get them on and quilt.

6.  I am also planning on making a quilt like this one from Don't Call me Betsy for a wedding gift.  I have bought some fabric sketched out my plan since I want to make it bigger a lap size.  I am excited to start it.

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  1. I love your scrap vomit quilt. The use of the solids really makes it pop.

  2. The Moda BOM looks fun to do but I just can't take any more on right now - maybe next round. Love the scrap vomit with those strong pops

  3. i love me a scrap vomit quilt. Yours is lovely!

  4. Huge Downton fan here too! The American Heiress is an awesome read while you're waiting for the next two seasons! Your Scrap Vomit (just love that name) is awesome"

  5. I just started Downton myself. I have seen bits of it from time to time but finally got the first two seasons from the library. I have the third season on order from there too. I need more hand sewing to get through it all.
    I love the scrap vomit. Looks great when all together.

  6. The second season is on Hulu plus, which you can get a week free trial and if your like me, you will have it done in a day. The third season is on I believe. Oh and love your scrap vomit quilt top. Thanks for stopping by my blog!


  7. I had to stare at that last block for a bit to figure out where it was wrong :) easily done! I love how the whole quilt top is looking, I always think the solid patches look like pixelated flowers.

  8. Love this scrap block. Looking great!

  9. That scrap vomit quilt is going to be gorgeous! I have never watched Downton Abbey...maybe I should since we have Netflix. Are you saying the other episodes are not available on there? That would be a pain to figure out how to watch the others!

    Thanks for linking up:)

  10. I love your scrap vomit blocks and recently watched S1 of Downton Abbey too... Disc 1 of S2 is patiently waiting for me ;-)