Monday, December 3, 2012

Monday Update

I know I need more hours in my day during the month of December.  I am just so happy that this month I will have every Friday off in December!  I never plan my time off during the year and have extra to take but I so happy it works out like this.  I will have to time(hopefully) to get everything off the to do list and if not it probably didn't need to happen. 

I did sew just a little on the Easy Street Flying geese.  I was getting really tired last night but wanted to at least put a few together. My only problem I cannot find my Easy Angle.  I know I had one since I used it when I did RRCB but since then - nope don't know what I did with it.  But while I was reading on the Internet someone suggested just tested out a few with different methods to see what you like.  Now I have made lots of fly geese and tried them all but thought I could give it another round of tries so my first one was the fly geese ruler.  I had bought this when I did a Feathered Star in a class so I had this on hand.  Didn't really like it then and not sure I like it now but they did turn out nice.  There just seemed to be so many steps. 

One attempt results in 4 flying geese. That part I liked.  I can try the different methods since this time I pulled from stash and nothing is cut.  So I am hoping tonight to try another method and look for the missing ruler otherwise with a coupon off I go to Joannes tonight! 

I finished my sewing machine cover that I am giving a quilty friend for Christmas.  I relly like it!  I just machine quilted in the light fabric with two zig zag rows.  I hope she likes it.  I know it is dark but my sewing is late and in the basement so no good lighting.  It is on my machine in the picture.

We are big Badger fans here so we were all very happy that they won and will be headed to the Rose Bowl on New Years Day!  I have a friend who is Badger crazy so I found this tea towel and made this up last night. She is going to love it!  I hope to get a couple more of these towels after Christmas for myself and a couple other Badger Fans that I know.

So the last small finish was this little bag from the pattern over at In Color Order.  This one is my second and I only needed to sew the lines for the drawstring and I used ribbon this time.  This will be a gift and has a necklace in it.  It is the smallest size.  It is so cute!

I also thought I would link up at the Small Blog Hop on Lily's Quilts blog.  I like seeing new and old blogs and meeting a some new people too and since I have just started this blog I definitely qualify as small.

Also linking up at Easy Street Part 2 and Plum and June!


  1. I love your sewing machine cover! The colors really "pop".

  2. Right on Beth. I am making my flying geese from orange and white - just like yours!!!! I am still cutting!!

  3. Lovely sewing machine cover! Just beautiful. :)

    (I'm visiting from the Small Blog Meet, btw.)

  4. Congrats to the Badgers! We're MSU fans, and just barely squeeked into a post season bowl this year, while you Badgers are going to the big one at the Rose Bowl. It will be fun to see your orange geese in the quilt when it all comes together. I also like the sewing machine cover!

  5. that's a stunning sewing machine cover! Very effective.

  6. Love your Orange goose...what wonderful gifts you've made - lucky friends!

  7. Great colour geese! Love the zig zag cover too.