Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Stash Update

I know I was on a fabric fast for the first 6 months of the year but after checking out this stash update those days are long gone.

I was actually buying with purpose. This stack I bought as we shop hopped a couple of weeks ago when I went with some friends sewing at my mom's cabin.  I bought some black on whites since I have used my all and love having them.  The reds because I love red and will be making more Badger type things in the future.  I actually already used two of the prints for that.  The greens, pink and aqua for the mystery quilt on Quiltville which starts Friday.

I already used that white and black polka dot too there on the bottom of the pile.

Then at my Moda meeting I did get more aqua as much as I like aqua I don't buy it much but plan on using those.  The other two white prints are from Best Day Ever and I loved this line.

As you can see here I bought more of it at my LQS in a few of the colors.

Then I went back again and plan on using these two pieces in the Moda Building Blocks for one of the large blocks.
And if all that was not enough I bought this lovely fat stack of Doe.  Was so excited to get this one.  I do have a plan already but going to wait till I have a few other things done before pulling this apart.

I think I might need to go back on the fast and get all of this sewn up.  Nope, I didn't add up the yardage but it was plenty!

Linking up to Molli Sparkles Stash Report.  Good thing I am sewing up plenty and will have a few finishes to show yet this week once I get some photos and have a very nice long weekend planned with the family for Thanksgiving too!  So enjoy!

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  1. Awesome Stash Builders!! And congrats on making it that long!