Friday, November 28, 2014

Placemat Gifts - Finished

I started with this stack of fabric and mini charms for three sets of place mats.

Here is my finished sets.  I made a set for each of one of my supervisors.  I love them!  Really hoping they like them.
First set is with My 3 Sisters and Essex yarn dyed in Flax.

Next up is Botanics with a very cool greyish blue solid like fabric.  No idea what it is and I love it and it is almost gone.  I think these were my favorite.

Here is the third one done in Fig Tree.  

I made these each about 13" X 17" with thin batting.  I turned them inside out to really just save a step plus I like the look of them with out binding.

Now I love them so much I would like a set for my house too!

I am almost done with my Christmas sewing which is such a good feeling.  Linking up to Crazy Mom Quilts, Sew Fresh Quilts.Whoo Whoo it's Friday. I will be seeing what everyone else is up to as well tonight.


  1. visiting from crazy mum quilts. great finish

  2. I love the simplicity of all the sets. It would be hard for me to choose a favorite. Such a great use for mini charms, and the no binding was brilliant!

  3. What a great use of those mini charm packs, Beth! Turning them inside out to forgo the binding was a wonderful idea. And each set looks fabulous!

  4. Very nice gifts. I've got some mini charm packs and was wondering what to do.

  5. So pretty, Beth! What a great gift idea. Whoop whoop!!

  6. Those are some awesome place mats! Your supervisors are going to love them! I love that gray color too!