Monday, April 7, 2014

Finish Along Q2 Goals and WIP's

I am going to limit my list this time in hopes I can stay focused and finish them all!

First one up is the new one I started for my youngest.  I have it cut out and am starting this as a leader and ender for now and then once my other quilts are done it will be full force ahead.  The pattern I am using is from a quilt calendar that I received as a gift and it is "Best of Both Worlds" by Weeks Ringle and Bill Kerr from the Magazine Modern Quilts Illustrated.

I actually did something on the X and + Quilt too!  I pulled out scraps and have sewn a few more up.  I think I have 10 more to make and then put it together.  Progress!  I am going to try and finish this quilt this week!  My ALYOF goal is this one!  I want it done.  It is the oldest active quilt I have right now.

I have not made any progress on my 2013 Moda quilt but really want to finish this one up.  It is so big and I have to lay it all out again and make the set in triangles. Not my most favorite part but it would feel good to get this one done.

I have another charity quilt cut out and ready to go.  I picked up that map panel two years ago.  I am using the left over strips for the other kids quilts I made.  I am not sure how there is still so much left after making up one quilt already.

I am stopping here at four even though I have others started and I want to work on them.  It doesn't seem possible to get anymore than this done this quarter.

So I am linking up A Lovely Year of Finishes and Q2 Finish Along over at The Littlest Thistle.


  1. Love your X and + quilt -- that design is definitely on my "bucket list". What don't you like about doing the setting triangles for the Moda quilt?

  2. Looking forward to seeing these finishes...especially the Wisconsin quilt!

  3. I just love x and + quilts. The block is just so versatile and I just LOVE yours!

  4. Lots of great projects here, I love that Moda quilt! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I see blogger or google is not getting messages delivered, so I wanted to stop by and say thanks :)

  5. seems very doable! Some great quilts there, love the map panel

  6. Just Love the x and + quilt. Really nice, and will be fabulous when quilted up I'm sure.