Wednesday, May 8, 2013

A Birthday in the Family

My family doesn't read my blog but it is a space for me and every now and then I post something about the family.  Today my oldest turned 21!  I can't believe how fast time flies.

He is such a great young man and I am proud to be his mom.  I posted favorite photo of him when he was about 18 months on Facebook this morning to wish him a happy birthday.  His girlfriend sent us a photo of him getting his birthday drink where is going to school.

I have looked at these photos several times today and they just make me smile.

I will be able to see him on Friday when we drive over to have dinner with him.  Can't wait! He is finishing up his 3rd year for Industrial Engineering at UW Madison.  

Thanks for reading since this has nothing to do with sewing!  


  1. Congratulations! The pictures make me smile too. The years go by way too fast. My "baby" turned 24 last month. It seems like I brought him home from the hospital just yesterday.

  2. mine turns 22 this year, it is amazing how time just flys bye.