Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Q1FAL List

I am in this year.  I did not do so well last year on keeping up with the list and the posts but in my effort stay motivated and connected on line I will be posting my list.


1  First on the list is Tula Pink City Sampler.  This one has been making an appearance for about 2 years or maybe 3 but it is together and as we speak being quilted.  So all I need to do is get the binding on.  Also have a bet with a couple of other friends to have this done in February.  I know I can do this one.  Besides I love it!

2.  Quilt this scrappy 2.5" Fading Charms Quilt from Wedding Dress Blues blog that I found on Pinterst.  So I found a pattern and made it!  I have hundreds pinned so this felt good and used up stash of course.  This needs to be basted and quilted.

3.  I am making the Abacus Quilt Pattern from Free Spirit in Doe and Botanics by Carolyn Friendland. Love love love the fabric. I had a hard time getting the blocks to come to size but after some testing I cut this up and have half the rows together (the quilt top is together).  I plan on getting this done and then basting both of these to get them finished up.

Small Projects

4.  Mini for Rainbow Swap Round 2 - been sketching out some ideas and know that I am using scraps or a rainbow charm pack of pearl bracelet I bought in Houston but need to finalize and start on this.

5.  The cover for the Quilter's Planner - love the planner and using the scraps from of Doe and Botanics to make this.

Long Term
My Small World is another one I was so excited to start and there is another QAL on Instagram starting so for Christmas my hubby bought me the low volumes for Christmas.  He wanted to know what I was using them for and to make sure I was planning on keeping it.  Funny guy.  I started cutting scraps for the sky so far.  I know that I will not finish this but want to make progress on it. Sky cut and first and maybe second section done.

That is it.  Trying to keep the list realistic and not put it all on there and just get overwhelmed.  I know of a few other things that are on the top of my list to start but really need a couple from this list done before starting anything new.  I am linking up at She Can Quilt but there are several bloggers hosting this year so this should be fun.  I will be looking to see what everyone else is up to as well.


  1. What fun projects. Good luck with your goals.

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  3. Good luck! I love your Tula Pink City Sampler!

  4. I also made all 100 blocks from the Tula Pink City Sampler. I loved making every single block..except one. I think it was #90 that gave me fits. Since finishing them, I've put together 30 of them to make a baby quilt. It is lovely and every quilt looks different depending on the fabrics and colors chosen!

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