Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Q1 2015 Goals

So a fresh start with some new goals and a few left over from last year (and maybe 2013) as well.  This year the Finish Along is taking place at On the Windy Side.  Hopefully this will keep me motivated to finish a few of them up.  As usual I put it all on here and see what happens.

1.  Moda Friendship Quilt - this quilt has been on my list all of 2014 and while it is together and FMQ has begun it is big but I so want this one done so I don't have to have it on here for another quarter!

2.  Tula Pink City Sampler - I did get all of my blocks together and figured out a background color now I just need to get the top done.  I think this one may to to the longarmer.  This one was on my list all of last year.

3.  Blue and beige 16 patch scrap quilt - I pulled this one last quarter from the scrap bin and have not worked on it at all but Sarah from Confessions of a Fabric Addict is starting a QAL for the Hands 2 Help quilts so this is perfect since it is just waiting to be used.

4.  Moda Modern Building Blocks - pulled the fabric but haven't started

5.  Grand Illusion Mystery Quilt from Quiltville - I have worked on this in November and December and lots of the pieces are made not all but I love the finished quilt so this should be fun to make

6.  Church dash blocks - I have wanted to make this block for a while and I needed about 20 blocks for a project so I made them up one night.  I love them.  Not sure how they will finish up but excited to see what I come up with.

7.  String Quilt - I made the light one last year and still have some left and the dark bin is over flowing so planning on using them.  So either a giant star or the spider web or both I really do have enough.  Thinking this will be a Spider Web block.

8.  Runner for the washing machine/dryer- The one I have now is about 19 years old and wearing out I really need a new one.  I am going to use the FQS new free pattern with a charm pack I had stashed away.

Really not sure how I will even finish half of this list but I sure am going to try!  


  1. Such pretty projects. I really like the fabric pull for your moda building blocks. Happy quilting.

  2. That fabric pull for the Moda Building Blocks quilt is really pretty! I really like the range through the pinks into burgundies. That's a pattern I'd like to get my hands on, but haven't found a Canadian source for just yet (our dollar isn't worth enough right now so I haven't been buying things from the US).... oh well, one day!

    I also really like the churn dash, but it's one of my favourite blocks - simple, but striking.

  3. Beautiful and many projects Beth! I love your Moda Friendship quilt!

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