Friday, March 28, 2014

Fabric Diet

I really don't like to diet but feel better when I do but boy it isn't always easy!  So March I did buy two things but they were solids for two quilts that I am starting.  I even checked to make sure I didn't still have some hidden away that I had forgotten about normally I wouldn't look because you can always use more solids at some point?!

I bought the black for a quilt for my son who I have been putting off for several months. I have a pattern and a plan and needed something not so busy so I think the black will work really well.  I am hoping to put this one together quickly!

Then I bought white to use on kids charity quilt. My last two finishes have been pretty busy so I wanted something with brights and the white.  I have this one partial cut out too.

Buying black solid and a white really not too exciting in my book when there are so many pretty things in my LQS and I see on line.  What I really want is this Color Me Happy!

April is the month that a group of us are going to Paducah for quilt week and I did give myself an exception but feeling a little guilty too.  We'll see if there is anything I must have.  I keep telling myself I haven't even gotten to the Botanics stack or the Simply Color/Style yet so not sure why I need any other new line!  I love those but not sure yet what I am going to make.

I have been working too much and traveling for work so been a little slow on the sewing and blogging part but I should have a finish to link up this weekend!  Yeah!  Both stash quilts so happy with that.

Everyone enjoy your weekend and hope you get time to sew!

Linking up over at Making Rebecca Lynne - have to see how others are doing.

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  1. You have been doing really good with your fabric diet,Beth. And I am looking forward to seeing your finishes.